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Knicks display an energy that lifts fans for one night

Look, there's nothing wrong with tasting what you saw Wednesday night. There is nothing wrong with admitting that you were a bit involved in the hectic pace of the Knicks, and the fact that for the first time since Prohibition, basketball players wore Knicks uniforms that were actually interested in the defense.

There is nothing wrong with thanking the NBA for arranging a timely opening visit to the Hawks who have energetically played the role of the typical homecoming game foe.

The Knicks certainly do not fight it over.

"Do not worry about anyone," said a beaming Enes Kanter afterwards. "We are worried about us."

And, yes, there will be enough to worry about going through the next 81

games. There will certainly be a surplus of nights, if it will be the curtailment of the Art 126-107 business that puts them on the hawks in Madison Square Garden, and nights when the garden will not crackle and bounce, as it did on Wednesday Night

(And we can all just go ahead and write down that they do not get the emotional boost they got at the first break, when they lost 10-2 and four without a goal four minutes before the season , a bearded fan wearing one of the blue New York Forever T-shirts that greeted all 18,249 fans, managed to win 10 grand from Half Courtyard and, more than a few kinks, to wake her up early slumber …)

"I expected us to play hard," said Knicks coach David Fizdale after winning his debut. "I did not know how good we would play."

The first part is the important part for this game and for all who will come. After all, there are various types of bad teams, and if we agree that the Knicks are still a bad team until proven otherwise, then it will be good for them to use the energy they have done in this game have: fullcourt and fast, with a focus on intensity.

The bad can still be seen well.

"We do not have the luxury of being a team that changes from game to game," said Fizdale. "We try to create a system of habits."

Good, preferably. And when the first impression came, the new coach made as positive an impression as he had hoped for. He knew from the moment he woke up on Wednesday that this would be a different kind of day, that just as he would try to honor his match day, he knew only one day in your life when you were the head of the Knicks

Before the game, Fizdale spoke of his brother Robert Walker, who flew here from Los Angeles to be with his little brother on such a big day.

When they were young, Walker – nine years older than Fizdale – gave the Knicks coach his first pair of basketball shoes.

"On such a day, you remember how you came here," said Fizdale. A day in your life triggers that out, a person.My brother has done that for me. "

  David Fizdale
David Fizdale Charles Wenzelberg

And after that with his brother and the eldest friend in the House, with his mother on television, with a memorial game Ball, which was freshly brought into his possession by his dizzy players, Fizdale had to admit: "This was a dream come true."

The Knicks are still far away. You are not shy about it. There were 1,563 t-shirts that covered 1,563 unoccupied seats for the opener. It was unthinkable not to fill the garden on the opening night, even in the last flood of sinkhole seasons.

Knicks fans – by far the most loyal and scarred of all local fan communities – Understand that after years of neglect and nonsense, after years of property interference followed by the raging, relentless incompetence of the Phil Jackson regime, the team was needed.

That does not mean that they are willing to pay the privilege of seeing everything first-hand, up close, unfiltered. There are consequences for two decades of regrettable basketball, and it should be.

Still …

"Everyone who went out did something to help us," said Fizdale. "That is really good."

For now, pretty good is pretty good.

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