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Pelosi, Moon Hee-sang, said, "Kim Jong Eun wants to disarm South Korea"

  Moon Hee-sang, Chairman of the National Assembly, presented a gift to the United States House of Representatives in Washington DC on October 12, when he met with Speaker of Parliament Nancy Pelosi and wrote a scroll: "Manhwa-dong [19659002] "Since North Korea is in the same state as Vietnam, the President of the House of Representatives hands over this gift," said Chairperson Nancy Pelosi, chairwoman of the House of Representatives in Washington, DC Would it be unhelpful to the national interest of a friendly or pro-American nation? </p>
<p>    I do not believe in North Korea. </p>
<p> US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with representatives of the National Assembly, including National Assembly Chairman Moon Hae-sang, Lee Hae-chan, Democratic Party Chairman, Chung Dong- The meeting, attended by the Chairman's visit Parliament, argued: "It is important to create a climate for the success of the second North-US Summit in Hanoi." </p>
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  Moon Hee-sang, chairman of the National Assembly, said:

. A delegation of governing and opposition parties, including Moon Hee-sang, chairman of the National Assembly, visited the US Congress in Washington on December 12. [연합뉴스]

According to the delegation, Pelosi said in a private interview today, "What do you expect from the Hanoi Summit?" He said. "If North Korea turns into a friendly and pro-American state of the US like Vietnam, it will help the US expand its national interest." "The Korean people also expect a turning point for the post-Cold War era."

  Democratic Party leader Chung Dong-young met with Washington correspondents on December 12 to explain the details of the meeting with House Speaker Pelosi. [이광조 JTBC 카메라기자]

The leader of the Democratic Party met with Washington correspondents on December 12 to explain the content of the meeting with House Speaker Pelosi [이광조 JTBC 카메라기자]

Pelosi introduced the experience of visiting the House of Commons in 1997 and said, "I do not believe so to North Korea. " The "Although the world to travel, poverty and misery of the people of North Korea was unimaginable. Pelosi said last year, "Kim Jong Il asked the North Korean leader if he intends to buy North Korean rocket technology." Lee Jung-mi, Chief of Justice, said, "North Korea has changed a lot compared to previous marriages.

Representative Chung Dong-young said:" Trump's diplomacy with North Korea has been part of the Clinton administration in the past. Process, "said Pelosi," I do not think so. "The Perry Process is a three-stage solution to the rocket launch, denuclearization and peace regime established by North Korean coordinator William Perry in 1999. Pelosi also said he was" dissatisfied with Trump's address to the Union of the Union, "said He stated that he could not find a denuclearization word, even if he looked at it The demonstration that North Korea is denuclearizing [이광조 JTBC 카메라기자]

Pelosi said: "The real purpose of Kim Jong Eun is not the destruction, but the disarming of the South Korean population. "[이광조 JTBC 카메라기자]

" Andy Kim, a Member of Parliament, said: "We disagree with North Korea's intention to dismantle its nuclear weapons." Mr. Chung said, "If we dismantle the rocket base among international observers and the Yongbyon Complex which dismantles 80 percent of North Korea's nuclear capacity, this is no proof. " In the delegation, Na Kyung-won, the leader of Free Korea, said: "This is the same position as Pelosi." Pelosi said he would not agree to cancel the training or discuss the issue of dismantling the US armed forces in Korea. 19659013] ━

Pelosi "worries about the deterioration of relations between Korea and Japan", "I do not think the results are optimistic", "but"

  Moon Hee-sang, chairman of the National Assembly, met on 12 December with a Washington correspondent.

Moon Hee-sang, National Assembly Chairman, met with a correspondent from Washington on December 12. "[이광조 JTBC 카메라 기자]

Pelosi said he knew about Moon Hee-sang's" apology He said, "I am concerned that relations between Korea and Japan have recently deteriorated." "I want to have a balance," he said Korea and China in the context of China, Russia and other Northeast Asian countries. "Moon's apology is the usual way to apologize to Japanese comfort women, including Abe, who falls prey to the victims' sacrifices," he said. I think it's no excuse for me, "he said, adding," I thought it was a deliberate remark on the part of the Japanese side to say a word in advance and say it lightly.
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