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Korg's Minilog and Monolog Synthesizers are updated

The minilog and the monologue are several years old at this time, approaching the modern classic status in the synth world. But that does not mean that Korg is content to simply let them slip through life as they left the factory. Today, the company is releasing a major firmware update for both, which in many ways is about bringing them a little bit closer in terms of features.

Firstly, Minilogue users get the opportunity to fine-tune. That means they are no longer tied to the constraints of the Western twelve-tone temperament, and it's especially good if you want to be the next Aphex Twin. The sequencer also receives a much needed update, especially on the "Motion" page, which controls the parameters and settings, not the notes. With a new view, you can go deeper and see more clearly what you are working on.

Monologue is also improved, including the MIDI filter, which is a great addition to anyone who wants to control it with an external sequencer. There have also been changes to the active Step programming features that we have not been able to test, so we can not tell you exactly how useful they are. Finally, both synthesizers receive original value indicators. This makes it much easier to find where a patch started after you've finished turning the knobs.

Minilogue and Monologue firmware version 2.0 is now available for free on Korg.com.

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