For those who were sad when they heard the news sweethearts sweets will not be available on this Valentine's Day . Here's some good news: Krispy Kreme announced on Thursday that it will be offering its own version of the Conversational Heart Drops.

On their confirmed Twitter page, the donut chain has posted a picture of a thriller article with the message that sweethearts will be missing this year. Next to it was another photo of a box of donuts with cute slogans like "I love you" and "Crazy 4 U". The headline read, "Sweets lovers: we have a sweet heart of a solution for you, make it a dozen."

According to the Delish food website, the limited-time donuts will be available from January 30th to Valentine's Day. They will be available in four flavors: strawberries and "cream", raspberry, cake dough and chocolates "cream".

On February 6th, customers who receive a reward will receive a Heart Donut Conversation with each purchase.

Krispy Kremes' new Valentine Conversation Donuts are available from January 30th to Valentine's Day. (Photo: Krispy Kreme)

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