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Zeina Ashour defends the daughter of Amr Diab after her outgoing image. And her father is quiet

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The wife of artist Amr Diab defended her daughter Kenzi after being exposed to violent attacks by social media following the release of a bold image.

This is the first time that she defended [Asharq Al-Awsat] critics of the children of Amr Diab despite the long-term relationship after the emergence of Dina Al-Sherbini in his life.

Critics criticized Kanzi Amr Diab and said that the image does not reflect the customs and traditions in the Arab and Islamic countries corresponds, 1

9659004] And by the side of Anastkram Zainah Ashour critics of her daughter: Remember There is no absolute thing in this life, only humanity in its weakness and power controls the orbit of our lives Do not be cruel to yourself . Extreme cruelty will relieve you of growth.

"Know your weaknesses and strengths in you." As you know them in others, you accept others as they are and sympathize with each other. Do not judge or interfere in the other's affairs … the other you are in the position of your weakness or the position of your power. "

Zina Ashour gave her children advice: Live Free, freedom is a special view Listen to the voice who come from the depths and work to develop them, you grew up surrounded by love So, you are on the right track.

Finally, remember that you will enjoy your college days to the fullest. Learn, research and never give up your dreams. Above all, always thank God for your potential.

Amr Diab did not comment on his daughter's image or the reviews she had

Amr Diab had Shireen before Reza got married and had a daughter named Noor, who then divorced and married Zeina Ashour and she had twins Abdullah and Kenzi and another of his daughters genius, who in the second half of the year 2002.

It was the separation of Amr Diab from his wife Zina Ashour that caused a shock in the artistic world because of the length of their relationship.

Speculation about Amr Diab's relationship with Dina Al-Sherbini, which he initially described as part of his new film crew this summer, Al-Ayyam proved that the relationship between them was greater than the work: they appeared together in Russia, to support the Egyptian team and sing together the song "Habiby Ya Nour El One"

Amr Diab gave the song of the fish he gave to Dina El Sherbini.