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KSI vs. Logan Paul – LIVE: Build-up and latest updates like YouTube stars reinforce war of words before the fight

They are two of the most beloved – and most hated – creators in the world, and this evening they meet in Manchester for a boxing match that is to be watched live by nearly 20,000 people and a paid life

Olajide "KSI "Olatunji, a British YouTube creator with 19 million subscribers, takes on controversial American creator Logan Paul in a six-month match. The younger brothers of the fighters, Deji Olatunji (aka ComedyShortsGamer) and Jake Paul, are also on a sub – map. Englisch: www.mjfriendship.de/en/index.php?op…27&Itemid=47 Join the bouts that will start at around 5:30 pm [1

9659004] Live Updates

Here you can spend the entire evening over the Watching Action, Chris Stokel-Walker reports live on MEN Arena and Adam Hamdani in London, who will follow the online response to the event?

The evening may not be sold out, but the evening seems to be another step toward mainstream YouTube adoption.

"The YouTube community has a long history of mainstream media," says Trenton Lee of the University of Westminster, who examines the page for his PhD thesis. (CSW)

Get your merch, get your merch.

The income for the fighters will be huge and they want to make it out of as many ways as possible. (19659011)

Nick Page and his son Eden, 13, have traveled from Sunderland to watch today's fight.

"My son is a big fan of KSI and YouTube in general and I'm just the dad driving the cab," Nick said.

They spent £ 230 on the fight – without a £ 20 KSI T-shirt that Eden picked up from one of the many merchandise stalls in the arena in the MEN Arena.

Eden is a boxer himself and has been a fan of KSI since the age of five since his FIFA days. This is her second YouTube boxing match. both were in London in February to see KSI beat Joe Weller.

"I think it will be more difficult for KSI," Eden said. (CSW)

How about the scale? 20,000 fans will be in the house tonight.

What are the chances that this will happen in one of today's fights? Very unlikely, of course, but how funny would that be. (19659011)

People are already queuing up for the event, which starts at 5.30pm.

Our husband Chris Stokel-Walker is one of the large group (currently mostly teenagers) and says the security measures are high. (19659011)

This fight is a big deal. It's not just because of the two names, but Josh Zerker – member of the Sidemen gang to which KSI belongs – sums it up.

If the first YouTube boxing event were to bring something, it will be huge . (19659044) 2018-08-25T14: 42: 35.000Z

Did you see the cradle on Friday afternoon?

If not, here are some key things from it: • 1965kg Deji weighed 79kg, Jake Paul weighed 82kg

• KSI weighed 84.9kg, Logan Paul weighed 86kg

• KSI opted for a face mask by Logan's friend Chloe Bennett at the juxtaposition

Here is a brief summary of yesterday's events.





Even until the last moment, the drama continues (of course, it's a YouTube event).

Logan Paul now claims that the KSI team does not allow him to go to "On Point." (19659059) 2018-08-25T14: 21: 45.000Z

In the event that you are unaware of the size of the event, those present include the following names:

Michael Buffer (as ring announcer )
Johnny Nelson (as analyst)
Shannon Briggs (as commentator)

These guys may not be professionals, but they're not here to fool around.





Manchester is buzzing this weekend – and It's not just a contingent of YouTube fans coming to town to watch KSI and Logan Paul watch it.

This weekend is also Manchester Pride, and the city was overrun by tens of thousands of visitors who meander through the city.

Anyone who has tried to Getting hotel rooms or Airbnb for the night will be tough: at the beginning of the week there were only a few free hotels around the Manchester Arena area, while the price of them more than doubled for this weekend compared to the next weekend. (CSW)

The garbage speeches started months ago and it will continue until the bell rings – as the KSI Tweet proves this afternoon.

There are some bad words in there, so I will not embed the tweet, but it's a bit like this: "You're an Apollo, Imma has taken you into deep waters, boy, you can do whatever you want want to try to protect themselves, but it will not matter … just wait. @LoganPaul "

He means business seems to be.

Before the main event, who is the current favorite?

According to Oddschecker 48% of bets were placed on KSI to win, while 45% were placed on his rival Logan Paul.

However, it is the American who is the favorite to win the bout on 8/11.

For those of you who follow our live blog, you need the important times for today's event.

The fighting starts at 17:30 and starts every half hour. Here is the full line-up:

  • 17:30: Call me Ham against Jrizzy Jeremy
  • 6pm: MOMO vs RossiHD
  • 6:30 pm: Coach Richard versus JMX
  • 7pm: FaZe Sensei versus Overflow
  • 7:30 pm: Rackaracka vs. Knapp
  • 8pm: AnEsonGib vs. Jay Swingler
  • 8:30 pm: ComedyShortsGamers vs. Jake Paul
  • 9pm: KSI vs. Logan Paul

Make sure you enjoy the whole afternoon and evening with our live -Blog in.

But how did we get today? This piece explains everything:

Logan Paul's Twitter feed, however, remains dormant to this day. What can we read here? Almost certainly nothing, although that probably does not stop the two "fighters" from speculating on fans.

Please allow a moment for the live blog to be loaded …

The game is the second fight for KSI, the Joe Weller in front of a 7,000-man sell-out in London's Copper Box Arena in London February defeated.

The couple fought over social media in the run-up to the event and held press conferences in London and Los Angeles, but the final battle takes place within the confines of the Manchester Arena, as the city also celebrates Pride on this holiday.

Fans who are unable to come to Manchester will have to pay £ 7.50 ($ 10) for the action.

Despite the protests of the contestants, the fight for most of the fans present will be more entertainment than a boxing match – but he is still a major money-spinner for all involved.

More than a quarter of a million pounds of betting on the outcome of the main event have hit British bookmakers, The Independent can only betray – and the number is still rising.

"We were overwhelmed by the numbers we saw after the last KSI fight, but which are losing importance in Germany the truth, with interest from a betting perspective that is likely to reach £ 300,000 by Saturday night," said Ladbrokes # Alex Apati.

Join Adam Hamdani in London and Chris Stokel-Walker live from Manchester Arena from 5:30pm for every jab, hook and diss track as we put this new media monstrosity in context.

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