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Kyle Kashuv, a survivor of the Parkland shootout, said Harvard had revoked his admission of racist insults he had made two years ago

Kyle Kashuv announced the breaking Monday in a Twitter thread and acknowledged that nearly two years ago he and his 16-year-old classmates had made "hideous racial cover-ups" in digital news, "as extreme and shocking as possible to be."

He apologized for his remarks and published a screenshot of a letter apparently published on June 3 by Harvard Dean of Admissions William Fitzsimmons, in which he revoked his approval.

"Harvard decided that someone can not grow, especially not after A life-changing event like the shooting is deeply worrying, and if any institution understands growth, it's Harvard, which, despite its eventful past, is considered the pinnacle of higher education." Kashuv said on Twitter.

"Throughout its history, Harvard's faculties have included slaveholders, segregationists, bigots, and anti-Semites," he added. "If Harvard suggests that growth is not possible and our past defines our future, then Harvard is an inherently racist institution, but I do not believe it."

A Harvard spokeswoman told CNN Monday that the university is doing this. "Not Commenting on the Admission Status of Individual Applicants."

Kashuv is a young Conservative with a following of

Kashuv has a profile as a conservative alternative to other visible, outspoken members of the # NeverAgain Movement ̵

1; Fellow students from Parkland David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and Cameron Kasky. He has been voiced his support for gun ownership, while his classmates have demanded that further legislation be implemented after the February 2018 shootings, which killed 17 people.

Kashuv went to the White House in March 2018 to meet with First Lady Melania Trump and had a surprise meeting with President Donald Trump.

While his classmates left school in April 2018 to demand weapons reform measures, the teenager hosted a livestream with conservative commentators discussing their support for the second addition. He has more than 300,000 followers on Twitter.

A few weeks ago, Kashuv said, he realized that "outrageous and hideous comments" made by him and other classmates "years ago" were published.

"I apologize immediately," he said, saying he was "embarrassed" by the comments. He said the comments do not reflect who he is, and "the past year has forced me to mature and grow." ] Pro Gun students leave school to take second place. "class =" media__image "src =" http://cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/180502144205-walkout-school-pro2a-kearney-large-169.jpg "/>

"I see the world differently and are ashamed of the kid." Kashuv said the reputation has led to "speculative articles" and attacks by "former peers and political opponents," which called on Harvard to withdraw his approval ,

Harvard said it had become aware of its "offensive utterances"

In Kashuv's Twitter thread, he published a letter from Harvard's Fitzsimmons dated May 24, in which he said "The university became aware of media reports in which you allegedly written offensive comments were discussed. "

The letter added that" Harvard reserves the right to withdraw an admission offer for various circumstances, including "if you have committed or committed any conduct that is in the nature of your honest, mature, or moral character provides. " "Complete explanation, excuse, and requested documents" and an e-mail to the school's Office of Diversity Education & Support, "for instructions on how to fix this problem and work with them once I'm on campus."

  This parkland student hosting a livestream in support of the 2nd Amendment while his classmates have leaked.

But the Harvard Admissions Committee He has still voted to deny him admission, he said.

Ironically, the school's Office of Diversity Education & Support responded to his apology the next day, saying it appreciated his "thoughtful thinking" ctions "and looked forward to getting in touch with him" after seeing himself in the fall Enrolled in 2020.

Kashuv said he then asked for a personal meeting to "work towards a possible path of reconciliation." "But Harvard declined his request.

"I believe that institutions and people can grow, as I have repeatedly said, but in the end it's not about me, it's about whether we live in a society where forgiveness is possible or mistakes brand you as irredeemable How Harvard chose me, "Kashuv said.

In his last Twitter post on Monday morning, Kashuv said he was still trying to figure out his next steps.

"I had given up huge scholarships to go to Harvard, and the deadline for accepting other college offers has expired, and I am currently reviewing all options."

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