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Kyle Korver was once traded for a copier

The then New Jersey Nets sent Kyle Korver to Philadelphia after they captured him in 2003.

With the money of the Sixers the fees for the Summer League were paid and bought a copy machine.

Korver, 38, Triumphantly, graduates shared with his alma mater during a speech that his NBA career survived the copier.

Per The NY Post :

"The 51st Election for the New Jersey Nets," Korver Speaking in his Creighton Alma Mater on Saturday, he said, "Shortly after learned me, that I had been traded with Philly. I'm not sure if trading is the right word.

"I was sold more or less for an undisclosed amount of money. I later found out that (the nets) used this money to pay the entry fee for their summer league team and with the remaining money they bought a copier. "

" We gave away a good player for the summer league. Rod Thorn, then general manager of Nets, said to Grantland in 201

4, "It was just one of the things we needed to do. At least that's how I rationalized it.

Regarding this copier?

"… This copier was broken a few years ago. And I still play.

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