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Kylie Jenner is dangerously close to defeating Kim Kardashian West for this title

Not so long ago, Kim Kardashian West ruled the queen of the Karjenners. In fact, most people knew until Keep up with the Kardashians not even that their younger sisters existed. But a lot has changed since then and Kylie Jenner has steadily gained popularity. Not only is Kylie Jenner the richest of the Kardashian / Jenner sisters with a net worth of a staggering $ 1 billion, she also appears to be the sister most obsessed with the world right now.

  Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West
Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian West | Photo by Taylor Jewell / Getty Images for Vogue

Kylie Jenner's Mad Fortune

Of course, much of Jenner's worldwide obsession is probably due to how incredibly rich she is. While Kardashian West and her siblings have always been rich, Jenner's billionaire status enables her to lead a lifestyle that surpasses even that of her sisters. From buying a luxury Bugatti with an astronomical price of $ 3 million to renting a luxury yacht on her 22nd birthday, which costs $ 1.2 million a week, to flying her cabinets away to Turks and Caicos, to bring her new line Kylie to the market skin, Jenner certainly does not shy away from her wealth.

But Jenner's wealth can be overwhelming, even to those in her own family. Although the KarJenner clan supports their little sister, they admit that Jenner's wealth can be a bit intimidating. Kourtney Kardashian recently admitted that he felt some pressure to keep up with Jenner's billionaire status. She admitted that it was never enough to feel what she is doing. Nevertheless, Jenner has openly shared that her sisters are very proud of her, although she is sometimes annoyed to settle the bill.

Travis Scott and Stormi

But Jenner's wealth is not the only thing that fuels the public's obsession with her. Her high-profile relationships with ex-boyfriend Tyga and most recently Travis Scott make the fire even hotter. In addition, Jenner's fans are completely in love with Jenner's daughter Stormi and show curiosity about how the 22-year-old learns as a young mother, her famous daughter, and the leadership of a billion dollar company.

Kim Kardashian West (barely) prevails on Instagram

Despite the notoriety that Jenner has attained alone last year, it is not surprising that she almost beats her older sister Kardashian West for the title of Most Visited Kardashian / Jenner on Instagram. Although Jenner and Kardashian West both have over 148 million followers, Jenner's followers are equal for the first time to her sister's followers.

Popularity by Numbers

Both sisters experienced crazy growth with their Instagram It followed in the last few months, but Jenner's growth was much faster and more substantial than that of Kardashian West. In June, Kardashian West had a follow-up of 141.6 million, compared to the 148.9 million followers it has today. By comparison, Jenner now has 148 million followers as opposed to the 137.9 she boasted in June.

Is there a new KarJenner queen?

With Jenner's incredible growth on the platform, it will not be long before she overtakes Kardashian West as she is the most-persecuted KarJenner queen on Instagram. This is especially true if they continue to use their company to work with well-known brands such as Balmain. Kardashian West may be the one to help the KarJenners make a name for themselves, but whether they like it or not, there could be a new Queen of the KarJenners.

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