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Kylie Jenner rents a theme park for Travis Scott's Birthday & Honestly, it's the perfect gift – photos

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are pretty much in 2018. The make-up mogul and rapper announced in February the birth of their first daughter, Stormi Webster. Now, before Scott's 26th birthday, Kylie Jenner has rented a theme park for her boyfriend after Teen Vogue . And honestly? It is the greatest gift ever. Being a normal person in a theme park can be a challenge. If you are so famous and immediately recognizable as Jenner and Scott, it is difficult to do normal things, let alone visit a crowded amusement park on a beautiful spring weekend. The obvious solution to this problem is to rent a California Six Flags to celebrate with their crew for the day.

No kidding ̵

1; for Scott's upcoming birthday, Jenner has rented a whole amusement park for her friends and family. Per Kylie's Instagram story, some guests have never been to Six Flags before. The guest list was exclusive, with only Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and some of Travis's friends, according to People . Can you imagine the Six Flags employee showing up for a normal night shift just to find that the entire park has been reserved by some of America's most famous (and funniest) people? Fortunately, the Kardashian-Jenner team captured the special social media night for the fans.

Right now it is not clear if Jenner actually surprised Scott with the night in the theme park, or if she just made the brilliant idea because she could. Honestly, how innovative is that? And thoughtful. As her Instagram story reveals, at least one partygoer had never been to Six Flags before. Let Jenner make her boyfriend's birthday a generous, inclusive event.

Technically, Scott's birthday is not before April 30, but the Kardashian-Jenners joined Six Flags on Saturday, April 28. A private night in a theme park on a Saturday is a lot cooler than on a Monday. After all, their older half-sisters probably need to take the children to preschool during the week. The early celebration may also have something to do with the couple spending as much time together with Scott's friends as possible and before the rapper touring for a series of concerts in the US in May [196590000] Since it's not a birthday party without cake and ice cream, Jenner has ordered Customs for Scott, which almost competing Kim's cakes for Chrissy doughs in terms of grandeur. For your last birthday, you probably enjoyed an evening with friends or maybe an extra portion of dessert in the restaurant. But you are not Scott, are you? Because Scott put together a huge, three-tier cake with pictures of himself, Jenner and Baby Stormi in a roller coaster ride. Jenner seems to be wearing Stormi in a snugli on the cake, but the newborn did not seem to be present at the event. That makes sense, considering that she is barely three months old.

Kim, Kourtney, and Jenner are all mothers, and Kim and Jenner welcomed both daughters earlier this year. The Six Flags birthday party was probably a welcome night for the sisters of parenting. Besides, it was not like it was a formal event. It was just a birthday party for a large family member (Jenner and Scott are reportedly dating together since April 2017). No professional cameras, interviews or glam squads necessary. They just had to be happy, ordinary people who took part in the simple enjoyment of a theme park. Plus, there was the added thrill of driving at night. The majority of participants have been world famous since 2007 thanks to Keeping Up with the Kardashians – they probably would never have imagined that they could join such a normal activity again. To be honest, it's enough to warm the heart of even a casual fan during this cool spring month.

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