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Kylie Jenner reveals secret of her weight loss after the baby

Kylie Jenner looks in top shape these days and now, a year after daughter Stormi Webster, Jenner reveals the secret of her weight loss after the baby.

  Kylie Jenner at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards
Kylie Jenner | Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images for MTV

Kylie Jenner showed off her toned stomach

Jenner showed off her fit abs in her Instagram stories this week and even told a little about the diet they've gotten her back in shape after she had Stormi.

Jenner had said in the past that she had gained 40 pounds during pregnancy, and stated on Snapchat three months after Stormi was born that she wanted to lose 20 pounds but did not like exercising. 19659007] In the recently released Instagram video, she wrote, "I'm proud of my little belly."

Jenner lost weight by focusing on her diet

During an Instagram live session, Jenner was asked how she got her flat stomach and she replied, "Honestly, all I am about is the diet . "

She continued," Of course I'm just a really skinny person … like [sister] Kendall Jenner, but not like Kendall – she's by nature role model. But yes, I always had a really flat stomach, but until recently, I never had the feeling that it had fallen off Stormi. "

Jenner explained how clean food has helped, and shared," And I feel like it has a lot to do with dieting. I usually eat very crazy, as I always do – pizza, pasta, many diaries, and I just cut it all out and just ate better, and I think that's the trick for me. personally.

The make-up mogul was also honest that it definitely took time to get his weight in front of the baby. Jenner commented, "And I also think that it takes a child just as long to get his body back as if you were to create a child. I have heard that from many people. So it takes a whole year … it really does, it really does. I definitely feel at home again.

Kylie Jenner's Pregnancy Diet Was Very Different

Kylie also talked about her pregnancy diet, and when she was pregnant, she definitely had a sweet tooth. She explained, "I've eaten 19459018 Lot from Eggos – and if you know me, I always hate Eggos. But when I was pregnant, I was like mmm! I ate like three a day. I've just eaten so much, so much, so much food.

She added, "And I had a girl, and they say, if you have a girl, you crave sweets vs salty, and that was true for me. How many Krispy Kremes, many sweets. Nothing strange or crazy, but only really sweet things – ice cream, just what I wanted.

Is there a collaboration between Kylie and Kendall Jenner

During Instagram Live, a fan asked, "Can we get a collaboration with Kendall?" Jenner winked and said "shhh". Then she explained why the sisters did not work together before you will probably do it soon.

She explained, "You know that Kendall has been under contract for a very long time, so I could not do any collaboration with her. That's the only reason why I did not work with her. "

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