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Kylie Jenner works hard to be a young hot mom

Kylie Jenner is determined to get her body back in shape after she gave birth to her daughter Stormi.

"Kylie is already training," a source tells people.

"She focuses on getting her body back and also back to a comfortable weight, aside from the care of Stormi," the source continues, adding that the 20-year-old "was not the most comfortable during the Pregnancy. "

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Since birth, the lip-kit mogul "is super determined to come back to her come "The source continues.

"Kylie wants to be a really hot young mom and makes it happen," notes the source, adding that as Jenner continues to move in her transformation, she will "be." She shows more and more her progress.

Jenner has certainly started to show her body after the baby, which makes it very clear that she is taking her fitness regime seriously.

A backshot photo of herself wearing a patterned bikini on Sunday said the 20-year-old, she uses the photo as a workout inspiration.

"Summer Gates," the 20-year-old titled the shot.

Jenner appeared in the footsteps of her sister Kim to kick Kardashian West, who also made a thrumbac k took a photo of herself to work harder after the birth of her son St.

Kardashian West shared a photo of herself at the gym in 2016, pointing out that she was taking a nude photo of herself at the gym Orbiting the picture, the reality star wrote, "I miss you" under the Nude Snap.

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Hours before the Tei Jenner showed all the progress she made in the 7 weeks since the birth of her first child, when she gave the fans on Snapchat a good look at her waist.

Earlier this month, the Kylie Cosmetics creator also shared numerous photos of herself wearing a sports bra and showing her waist before announcing that she has returned to waist training, a tactic she first encountered in 2015 has accepted to "snap back" after her pregnancy

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Along with retrieving her after the baby, Jenner is busy taking on the first maternity.

"It's just a whole new experience, it's something you never went through, but you find it out as you go," Jenner's best friend Jordyn Woods recently told PEOPLE. "I think it takes a very strong woman to carry a child."

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