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Kylie Jenner's Home Safe for Stomi Webster? Living Room Snapchat Pic – Hollywood Life

Kylie Jenner brought to Snapchat on March 26 to show off her amazing living room and it has many incredible pieces of furniture. Find out if it's baby proof for little Stormi here!

Kylie Jenner 20, proved that she lives in luxury when she came to Snapchat on March 26 to post pictures of her beautiful living room. Although the room was very impressive, it was not really kid-friendly, which led us to believe that little Stormi Webster will not spend too much time in it until she's older. With an exposed chimney and a sharp-edged glass table full of golden leaves, Kylie would definitely have to stay near Stormi if she ever walked around the room! In addition to the non-babyproof pieces, Kylie has a large oval mirror hanging alone on the wall, and a signed Basquiat print from 1

983 hanging over the fireplace. The mirror is sold for $ 25,000, while the print is sold for whopping $ 50,000 to $ 75,000 after Daily Mail . The room is also decorated with soft white sofas and a matching rug, and to top it off, Kylie showed a coffee table book by photographer Bettina Rheims, which sells for $ 70, the outlet reported. SEE A PIC OF RESIDENCE BELOW!

With Kylie's extremely successful cosmetics business and her participation in her family's reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians it's no surprise that she could live in such a beautiful place , She seems to enjoy her new role as a mother and often shares pictures of Baby Stormi in her social media whenever she can. Whether she poses in selfies with the precious bundle of joy or just takes snapshots of the baby in her crib, she loves every second!

Stormi is growing up so fast and Kylie also took a short time to show her nursery shortly thereafter. She was born. It is filled with light blue walls and lots of pink, as it would be in any girls room. Kylie & # 39; s new daughter is sure to live the life and with a mom like Kylie she will surely be loved and adored now and in the future!

  Kylie Jenner Living Room
Courtesy of Snapchat

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