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Lakers officially misses playoffs for the sixth year in a row

LOS ANGELES – Having missed the playoffs only five times in the first 65 years of their existence, the Los Angeles Lakers officially dropped out of the game on Friday for the sixth year in a row, defeating the Brooklyn Nets (111-106) Out of season. 19659002] With 31-41 LA is now a worse game than a season ago, 10 games were still to play. Of course, this team did not have LeBron James.

In a sequence that roughly summarizes the Lakers season, LA had the ball 22.8 seconds behind in the fourth quarter on Friday and only three minutes later when James slipped out of bounds, losing the possession without that the Lakers get a shot to try and tie.

It was a rocky season for James and the Lakers. At the home opener Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram deserved for their role in an altercation with the Chris Paul of the Houston Rockets suspensions. After a 2-5 start Lakers president Magic Johnson coach Luke Walton in a meeting and expressed the urgency of improving the team.

Whatever was the excitement generated on Christmas Day when the Lakers climbed to # 4 in the Western Conference standings. After defeating the defending champion, Golden State Warriors was quickly depressed as James (slight torn groin) ) and Rondo (broken finger) had sustained injuries that drove her out of the field for weeks.

After a failed pursuit by Anthony Davis at the close in February, Lakers Brass still considered the postseason as a top priority for his team. General Manager Rob Pelinka compared the additions of Reggie Bullock and Mike Muscala with the New England Patriots, which lifted Julian Edelman's suspension and set off Super Bowl.

"We have one goal in mind to reach the playoffs," Johnson said a few days after the deadline. "That's what it's about."



D & # 39; Angelo Russell scores 21 points and 13 assists in the 111-106 of Nets against the Lakers who have officially dropped out of the playoffs

This goal was scored with Increasing losses are increasingly unlikely, especially against some of the league's worst teams, the Atlanta Hawks, the New York Knicks and the Phoenix Suns.

After a stellar victory over the Rockets in In the first game after the All-Star break, the Lakers went up against the skids, lost 12 of their next 14 games and culminated in the defeat on Friday against Brooklyn.

In a particularly bad stretch from late February to early March, LA lost to a Pelicans team without Davis, a Memphis team that came into the game with a 3-17 record in the last 20 games, a Phoenix Team with the worst record in the league and at home at the Staples Center roommates, the LA Clippers, in a game that was seen as the last chance at the time to play a game when playing against the team , chased it in the overall standings.

"Most losses hurt a lot, you do not feel very well," Walton said about the track Friday morning. "But I know what you're asking, yes, if you take the time to look at the losses this season, those would be some of the more painful."

With the playoffs out of the picture, the Lakers are getting into an offseason season with speculation about job security at Walton as well as the construction of the roster. Seven of L.A.'s 14 players are hired on the vacant agency.

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