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Lakers Vs. Sixers Final Result: Brandon Ingram breaks, but L.A. loses 121-105

Once again, the Los Angeles Lakers did not play a significant role in the rotation, and it turned out. Brandon Ingram did everything to support the team – a new career with 36 points – but since the Philadelphia 76ers had their full strength, LA simply did not have enough firepower to survive and ended with a 121-105 victory ,

However, Ingram's performance should be considered. Despite the recent days of noise over Anthony Davis and whoever could be traded in, Ingram went out and played one of the most complete and efficient games of his career.

Outside of Ingram, the Lakers were pretty quiet all around, especially in the starting unit, because no one else could beat the two-digit score and everyone in the negative field was plus and minus two digits. This has a lot to do with the talent gap, because the Lakers lacked three starters compared to a star-studded Philly starting group, but it was a rather disappointing effort by these Lakers outside of Ingram.

Philadelphia beat the Lakers from the beginning and jumped to a double-digit peak during the warm-up. While the Lakers made some indictments at some points over the course of the game, this early lead proved too much to come back. One thing that did not help was the difference in production between the two teams on the three-point line when LA ended up with seven threes ahead of Philadelphia 15.

The Lakers will hopefully bring LeBron James back as they prepare for a game against the Clippers on Thursday that will have a huge impact on the playoff. It's likely that James will be rusty and probably play under a one-minute restriction, but if brought back, he'd do wonders for an offense that was mostly inconsistent (though not always bad) with him.

The Lakers would hopefully get Kyle Kuzma back in this game as well, because Anthony Davis is or not, the Lakers need to get well if they really want to position themselves for a run in the postseason.

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