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Land Rover Defender Configurator Creations: Our Best Builds

The all-new Land Rover Defender has already caught the imagination of the audience and performed similarly in the Auto Express team. Like many of you, we spent a lot of time on the Land Rover online configurator for the car and selected Defender's specifications, which we would order in an ideal world – all in the name of research, you understand? ,

The results were varied with these "Auto Express Defenders," which caused much ridicule and ridicule in the office. We therefore thought we would share it and encourage you to do the same with your personalized Land Rover Defender configurations on the [19459004zutun] #aedefender social media hashtag. Show us what you said and explain why. We'll add the best (and worst) to this page …

Creations of the Land Rover Defender Configurator

Land Rover's efforts to restore an off-road symbol were always fraught with danger, simply because the original Defender and the Land Rovers series before it mean so many different things to so many people. All the JLR team of designers and engineers had to do was to please all people all the time.

Opinion: Does JLR really need the new Defender in its lineup?

When When you look at the online configurator, you seem to have decided to do so by offering the new Defender with a variety of different specifications, accessories, and optional extras. The design freedom for your personalized Defender is enormous even for the modern automotive industry.

Important decisions must be made. Do you configure a sturdy, sprayable Defender designed for rubber boots, hay bales and faulty livestock? Or throw the option list on a money-without-objects creation that suits the hippest parts of the city better than an unknown swamp? And when you're done, will your efforts mark you as a smart car connoisseur or a solid goldsmith? Say down and on the #aedefender hashtag …

Steve Fowlers Defender

Baseprice: £ 53,81

Options: £ 14,453
On the Move: £ 70.133

Editor-in-Chief Steve Fowler has sought an aggressive look with his Defender. It's the Urban Pack, which includes the metal wear plate and spare wheel cover, as well as the Checker Body Protection Kit and 22-inch wheels. Inside, he has donated another 500 pounds for the 12-way adjustable, heated and cooled seats, but also selected the Advanced Off-Road Capability Pack with full Terrain Response 2-Offroad system, so this is not just a city fighter.

James Batchelor's Defender

Baseprice: £ 43,370
Options: £ 7,270
Out & About: £ 52,510

Our Editor-at-Large has his Defender 110 D200 tries to keep things relatively simple. As inspiration served him the Defender County 110 from the late 1980s. For its configuration Tasman Blue gloss paints were just as compulsory as a white roof and white steel wheels, which were equipped with off-road tires. He also opted for the Country backpack with its mud flaps, wheel arch protection and black roof rack for a classic look.

In terms of interior, it was a basic feel with a plastic steering wheel and fabric seats, and the Country Pack also features the interior of a portable flushing system and a cargo compartment partition. Unfortunately, a spare tire on the hood and the county door graphics are not on the extensive option list.

Richard Ingrams Defender

Baseprice: £ 53,810
Options: £ 9,115
Out & About: £ 64,835.00

Reviews Rich has very specific ideas about how a defender should be made. "I've never thought a Land Rover to be a simple workhorse, and in recent years the company has proven that you do not have to sacrifice the luxury of true all-round capability – just look at the latest Discovery and Range Rover

with Indus silver paint, 20-inch wheels and a panoramic sunroof There are also heated and cooled leather seats and a three-zone air conditioning system The powerful D240 diesel should also be on the road and in the Grounds give enough thrust. "

Dean Gibson's Defender

Base Price: £ 43,370
Options: £ 16,256
Underway: £ 61,496

In In his own words, content editor Dean chose the "full UN specification" with his Defender, starting with the entry-level model in white, then the configurator unfolded the entire list of options and things came out of the box Dean has managed to break his own UN convention with £ 16,000 worth of special equipment.

James Brodie's Defender

Baseprice: N / A
Options: All of them
] On the way: Price on application

Restraint is not a word which appears in the otherwise extensive vocabulary of senior writer James Brodie. In fact, he managed to break the Land Rover Defender configurator with a pinch of excess boxes. "I just tried forever to make one as expensive as possible, and now it will not bring me any price," he complained.

James claimed he wanted to opt for a short wheelbase model 90, which would have been his only money-saving decision in the entire build, but they are not yet included in the configurator. Land Rover's configuration algorithm was obviously of the opinion that he could not afford not to quote a price for Brodie's Defender. Very sensitive.

Luke Wilkinson's Defender

Base Price: £ 43,370
Options: £ 1,815
Traveling: £ 47,919

Our Northerner, Employee The Writer Luke Wilkinson comes from a particularly rural part of Cumbria, which is mainly inhabited by farmers. As such, the old Defender 110 is a common sight on the street for him – and he says most of them look like that. Blue paint, white roof, steel rims and fabric trim.

It is powered by the entry-level 2.0-liter D200 diesel engine – and is standard with the exception of two accessories. First, a trailer hitch if you need to auction a trailer full of sheep. Secondly, and most importantly, a wire-mesh divider for the trunk that prevents your excited Border Collie from rolling around the cabin en route to the field.

Alastair Crooks & Defender

Baseprice: £ 49,880
Options: £ 11,941
Out & About: £ 63.691

Content Editor Alastair Crooks believes that the original Land Rover Defender had a certain identity crisis towards the end of his term of office 67-year-old production run and says the new one should again be an exploration vehicle.

"The Defender should not be used for cruising the hippest parts of London, but for creating memories, adventures, and records." A flawless Defender, parked in a suburban street, only cries out for untapped potential. That's why my dream defender is designed to challenge the big stranger and get dirty.

Pete Baiden's Defender

Base Price: £ 49,880
Options: £ 5,605
On the Move: £ 57,355

The Web producer Pete Baiden has no plans to take his Defender off the road. He has built a mid-range 110-S engine with the D240 engine to give it some punch, while the Santorini Black paint and shiny black wheels give it an imposing look. Options were kept somewhat under control, but a few comfort features such as the cold climate package and the three-zone climate control were added.

Jonathan Burns Defender

Baseprice: £ 50.755
Options: £ 7,099
On the way: £ 59,724

Exterior retro and interior modern – so should a modern interpretation of the Defender look safe? News editor Johnny Burn has opted for a Pangea Green finish that is an allusion to the legendary Series 1 Defender, the Hue 166, while the white steel wheels and matching roof complete the retro touch. The 2.0-liter D200 diesel engine will be more than sufficient and helps to keep the price at a relatively reasonable level.

Alex Ingrams Defender

Baseprice: £ 46,425
Options: ] £ 17,058
On the way: £ 65,353

Alex Ingram pulls out the 90 of the 110 before, but since it can not be ordered yet, he asks you to introduce himself to "his" defender. finished in Gondwana Stone paint and a black roof that looked like that just got more warped. The Auto Express team loves the steelies a lot, but Alex does not think the white finish matches his color scheme, and instead opted for the 5094 Type 1894 wheels.

Inside there is a khaki interior, a meridian sound system (it's brilliant in other JLR cars, so a worthwhile option) and the digital & # 39; clearears & # 39; rearview mirror. And although he does not own a dog, he has opted for the portable washing system. Just in case.

Jake Weavers Defender

Base Price: £ 77,465
Options: £ 21,431
On the Road: £ 100,231

Its Jake Weaver's taste for cars is from Essex, the content editor, often called into question, and his Defender does nothing to resist this trend. With options worth over £ 21,000, his defender manages to crack the £ 100,000 price tag, though you would not imagine it if you looked at it. Unlike many other defenders on this list, Jake has opted for 22-inch black alloy wheels instead of traditional "steelies," as he knows it's very likely there will ever be a wheel in the field.

What would your perfect Land Rover Defender look like? Tell us your thoughts below …

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