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Laptop mounts are dead and IFA killed them

In recent years, IFA has been a laptop show. It may not be the place where companies like Apple or Microsoft show their lightning fast hardware, but when it comes to midrange workhorse laptops that dominate the shelves at Best Buy and desks, IFA is where you find it. That's why it's so interesting that there was a revolution on the laptop screens at this year's show: The Bezels are dead and the IFA killed them.

Again, this is not a new trend in technology. The bezel-less revolution has been rolling steadily through smartphones for a year now. And where devices like the Essential Phone or the iPhone X were once conspicuous, they have quickly become the norm in the industry. Virtually every phone released this year has had a type of notch or cutout with a scoreboard-free video. They are so common that Android 9.0 Pie has even added formal support for them. We're already starting to see the next levels of slider devices like Oppo Find X, Honor Magic 2 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 trying to create a truly frameless future.

Now this wave comes on laptops: Acer's Swift 7 and Swift 5, Asus's new ZenBook line, Lenovo's updated yoga laptops and even Dell's mid-range Inspiron computer are all scaled down their screen edges.

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