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Larry King wants divorce from Shawn Southwick King in Utah. Here's a look back at her life

SALT LAKE CITY – Larry King plans to divorce his seventh wife, Shawn King, in 1997 after being married for 22 years, according to The Associated Press. They have two grown sons, Chance and Cannon.

The couple originally filed for divorce in 2010, but remained together for nine years. According to The Associated Press, King was married to seven different women and married eight times.

Shawn Southwick King is from Provo. She is the sister of Bret Engemann, a former BYU quarterback. She married Larry King in 1997.

Shawn King was 37 years old at the time of the marriage and 63 years old. Shawn King tried hard to maintain a low profile despite marrying a nationally ranked person, according to the Deseret News.

But in Utah, she's still known, according to the Deseret News. She appeared in 1

991 in two episodes of Eugene Jeleznik's "Utah Showtime" television show. And she acted as background singer for Marie Osmond. In fact, her father, Karl Engemann, was Osmond's music manager.

"She was very sympathetic," Jeleznik told The Deseret News in 1998. "I was very impressed (by Southwick). If I had not been impressed, I would not have had them on my show."

Shawn King has spent much of her time turning infomercials for hair-thickening swatches that she made She also developed her own skincare products and cosmetics at the same time as the Home Shopping Network.

In 2010, Shawn Southwick King in Utah recovered after overdosing on a prescription drug, according to the Deseret News Called her home after Provo, her father had called the authorities after he found she was breathing but had not responded.

The authorities told the Deseret News that there was a handwritten notice suggesting officials The police said she wanted to be buried in Utah.

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