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Larry Nassar's victim accuses Michigan State Interim President John Engler of offering a reward

Former sports physician Larry Nassar's sexual raid on Friday was charged by Michigan state officials, claiming that the school's interim president had offered a reward for their lawsuit and urged them to do so without their lawyer.

Kaylee Lorincz, who said Nassar was sexually assaulted when she sought treatment for back pain, said interim president John Engler and his lawyer offered her $ 250,000 when the teenager and her mother were in school a few weeks ago to attend the Friday board meeting to speak.

According to Lorincz, Engler told her, "If I write you a check for $ 250,000 now, would you take it?"

Lorincz said Engler claimed another Nassar sacrifice had given him an amount she would consider settling with the university. Lorincz said she felt "bullied" by the encounter.

She spoke during a disputed board meeting in which Engler expressed regret over the university's response to another woman's trial of handling rape charges against basketball players.

Engler did not respond immediately to Lorincz's comments. His spokeswoman, Emily Gerkin Guerrant, said she was in the room during the conversation and could not remember that Engler offered a dollar.

"My interpretation of the discussion was not that he said: & # 39; I offer you $ 250,000, & # 39; She said. "It was a discussion about the civil process and how it went on."

The Michigan State Special Adviser to President Carol Viventi was also present, according to Lorincz.

Lorincz turned to Engler in a room brimming with demonstrators, parents and victims of sexual assault by Nassar, who has been in prison for decades for molesting women and girls and having child pornography. Lorincz was one of about 250 women who made statements in two Michigan courtrooms earlier this year at Nassar's hearings.

Engler became Interim President when, in January, Lou Anna Simon canceled hours after sentencing Nassar to decades in prison for crimes committed against Michigan athletes. The students remain concerned about the university's future course, which Simon has not yet replaced.

In the board meeting on Friday, Engler tried to focus on milestones of graduates of the university, but was often usurped by Buhs and mockery of a crowd dressed in teal shirts with the phrase, "I stand with the Sister survivor #MeTooMSU. " Some Nassar victims wrapped themselves with black ribbons in their mouths with the words "Silenced" scrawled over them.

Parents of victims stayed down in the lobby because their posters were considered by the faces of their children as a "character" room. Protesters who were able to attend stopped mobile phones with pictures of childhood victims.

At the meeting, Engler suggested a tuition of 2.97 percent, the third lowest in 20 years. Previously, he had picked up the possibility of a large increase in tuition fees if the school's complaints about the Nadar controversy continued to swing financially.

During public testimony, Engler and his board were punished for handling public fallout in recent months

"You sponsored my attack," said dancer Morgan McCaul, a Nassar victim. "Your time is up.

When McCaul's statement came to an end, the crowd joined her by singing "Shame on You" on the board.

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