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Lauryn Hill cleans up all the rumors you've heard about her

  Lauryn Hil

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Lauryn Hill has spoken

In an open interview for 97.9 The Box in Houston, the award-winning pianist named Robert Glasper the 8-time Grammy winner with controversial claims about her behind-the-scenes behavior. Glasper described the collaboration with the singer in 2008 for a 20-minute show in which he was hired as the most important pianist. Glasper noticed that he refused to audition for Hill in person or on the phone, considering he had an album she could hear. He claimed that they rehearsed about 1

0 hours a day for a week to prepare for the show, and continued to claim that Hill changed the show every day they rehearsed. According to Glasper, on the last day of rehearsals before the show, Hill did not come and her manager told the band that she "did not really feel that you had learned the music" and they cut their pay.

"She likes to fire bands," said Glasper in an interview. "She's going on tour with a band, and in town, where she's doing a show, she'll be having auditions for her band."

Glasper left and said someone was running after him to retrieve him. He said they could transfer the money to his account before the show because he did not trust them anymore and at the end played the show. However, when he told the story, the musician made additional claims about Hill, including that he was instructed not to look her in the eye and call her "Ms. Hill." He also alleged that Hill "steals music" and that their iconic album was made by other people who did not get their legitimate credit, referring to a lawsuit filed by a group of musicians in 1998, similarly claimed that they were not credited correctly. The musicians received an out of court settlement in 2001.

" Miseducation was made by great musicians and producers that I personally know," he said. "The only thing you did was great, you did not do it … It's the merit of having made the classic album, these songs were written by other people and they did not get their recognition can become this super person . "

More than a week later, Hill Glassper fired in a lengthy essay she had written on Monday and published on Medium.

"The arrogance of presumptuousness that allows someone to think that they could all have facts about another person's life and experience is truly and remarkably … presumptuous," she began. "People can sometimes mistake friendliness for weakness and silence for weakness, and if that happens, I'll have to get in touch."

The lead actress addressed a variety of topics, including comments on her band selection and alleged treatment of musicians, her process, and her achievements. On a logistical level, the "Everything Is Everything" star is denied the idea of ​​telling anybody to look her in the eye, and that the instruction may have been what someone said outside of the assumption. She confirmed that "Ms. Hill" was "absolutely a requirement".

  Lauryn Hill

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"I was young, black and female.Not everyone can work and give the appropriate respect to a person in this package and responsible.It was important, especially then, to be revealed early, "she wrote.

Hill also responded to Glasper's comments that she disagreed with her own guitar and stated that she "never pretended to be a savvy guitarist" that she never had any real instructions and that she " Writing tool ". "

" Could not I or did not want to tune my own guitar? That sounds like an assumption, "said Hill.

She also rejected claims that she could not play original versions of her songs and called them" myths. "Instead, she stated that she remixed her songs live because she had been for years she has not released an album and tries to keep her performances authentic.

"There is no way I can play the same songs over and over again as long as I play them without variety and exploration," she noted.

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The star also turned to reports of her delay: "I do not come to the shows because I do not respect my fans or their time, but on the contrary, it can arguing that it is too much for me and insisting that things are right, "she wrote in the essay," I like to change my show regularly, to change arrangements, to write new songs This often leads to long sound-checks, which cause the doors to open too late, leading to a late start of the show. This element of perfectionism is about I want the audience to experience the best and most authentic musical experience of what I do.

Hill shares a similar approach to her band, as she explained, the singer is looking for chemistry and a "special" something that not every band has, she hires the "best" musicians and does not just play them for talent, but also for their "vibe" and their understanding of their musical direction.

"I pay for a ministry and look for something SPECIAL that did not match the interpretation or opinion of another. I have my own idea of ​​what works for me. That should not offend, "she continued, referring to Glasper's claim that she would cut her pay, Hill said she would not remember and if the charges were confirmed without her knowing," she might have asked for her to be adjusted. "" I would never arbitrarily cut the pay of a musician unless I have a legitimate reason, "she said.

Comment on the songs on Maceducation did not adequately acknowledge Hill said, "You may be able to make suggestions, but you can not write for me" and "no decisions will be made without me." She further stated that she was with the musicians at the time wanted to create a degree of comfort and "may not have created the necessary boundaries." In hindsight, she said she had handled it differently and since then. "I may have been inclusive, but these are my s ongs, "wrote Hill.

The star showed Glasper almost directly when she asked why he was even on her show. "I am puzzled why such a principled musician who thought I would be" stolen "by his friends would still work for me," she mused in the essay. "If hypocrisy or opportunism were in the place of genuine interest, it would further explain why an artist would feel the need to do his duty."

She continued to target the music producer and wrote, "Who are you?" To say, "I did not do enough." Most people will probably only hear your name for the first time because you have contemptuously dropped MINE in an interview It's nothing of your talent, but that's a fact. "

" I appreciate all who were part of Misecation in every and every capacity, "Hill concluded. "It would not have lived as it did without the dedication, skills, hard work and talents of artists / musicians and technicians, but it still required my vision, my passion, my faith, my will, mine Soul, my heart and my story. "

For Hill's complete statement, medium visits here.

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