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Leading candidates to fill Supreme Court vacancies

The death of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday created a position on the Supreme Court that President Trump has promised to fill “immediately”. He issued four lists of potential candidates, the last last week. Here are some of the leading candidates on those lists.

Judge Barrett, a member of the federal appeals court for the seventh circuit, is likely the front runner for the job as Republicans see benefits in replacing Justice Ginsburg with a woman. Judge Barrett, a former law professor at Notre Dame, has a rock star reputation in conservative circles. Her devout Catholicism led to heavy questioning of Democrats at her confirmation hearing in 201

7. Her 2018 interview with Mr Trump for a Supreme Court seat reportedly did not go well.

A member of the Federal Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and first federal judge of South Asian descent, Judge Thapar was also the first Mr. Trump nominee for the Court of Appeals after selecting Judge Neil M. Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. Judge Thapar is a Kentuckian and a personal favorite of Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and majority leader who has much leverage in the process. Judge Thapar is considered a strong contender after Judge Barrett.

Judge Kethledge has been a member of the Federal Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit since 2008 and is considered a strong believer in a strict interpretation of the Constitution, but is not considered the type of flashy election that Mr Trump is very fond of judicial nominations. Judge Kethledge was tried by President George W. Bush after political clashes with Michigan Democrats resulted in another candidate being filibustered. He was seriously considered for the vacancy sparked by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in February 2016.

Judge Ho is a member of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and is a former Clerk of the Justice Department Clarence Thomas. Born in Taiwan, he is a new addition to Mr. Trump’s nomination for the Supreme Court. He also previously served as an advisor to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will review each nomination, and served in the Justice Department for Civil Rights.

Judge Hardiman, who sits on the Philadelphia Third Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, was the first member of his family to graduate from college and he helped pay for his education by taxi. His captivating life story, coupled with a victorious personality, appealed to Mr. Trump as well as his solid record of conservative decisions. Judge Hardiman served on the Court of Appeal with Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, the President’s sister, and Judge Barry recommended her brother, Judge Hardiman, as a good choice for the post created by Justice Scalia’s death.

Judge Pryor, who sits on the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Atlanta, is a dedicated Conservative who produced a majority opinion this month stating that Florida criminal record-holders were not eligible to vote unless they were paid back all their outstanding fines and fees. At his 2003 confirmation hearing, he stood by an earlier testimony that Roe v. Wade said the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision establishing a constitutional right to abortion was “the worst constitutional abomination in our history.”

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