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League-Adjustable Mergers from the game against the Shanghai Dragons

According to sources in the Overwatch League Cameron "Fusions" Bosworth was expected to compete against the Shanghai Dragons, but was considered inadmissible due to a previously not much discussed league rule. The rebellion was notified minutes before the match and Bosworth was replaced by Park "Axxiom" Min-seob


Bosworth was initially committed to a "two-way contract", a contract structure that the League had introduced with the second season's Overwatch League, to give players the opportunity to play in the same season in Contenders and Overwatch League play. On February 1

2, the team announced via Twitter that Bosworth was promoted to the main distributor.

According to the rules of the league (pertinent parts were published here by Blizzard ]), a two-way player loses his / her Contenders eligibility for this season after playing in more than two games Overwatch League has played.

Allegedly, however, the general managers of all teams were also informed by the league that a mutual contract would not allow a player to participate in more than two games per stage if that player had participated in the last season of candidates , In the case of Bosworth, the team was likely assumed that his contract clause would be triggered, banning him from participating in Contenders Season 1 while continuing to play for the parent organization.

In the Overwatch League, teams have to submit hours before submitting their lineups. Sources told VPesports that Bosworth had expected just minutes before the official game started. Why Bosworth was not responsible for the eligibility of Bosworth, is not known at this point.

Bosworth had played for London's Spitfire Academy team, British Hurricane, at the beginning of Season 3, and was then promoted to Uprising Academy before eventually being promoted to the main defender. Sources assume that Bosworth had played for British Hurricane in the last Contenders season. The team was allegedly informed by the league immediately before the last game that the player can not compete against Shanghai.

In his first two games, the main British tank player attracted the attention of experts from across the league for his outstanding main battle game. VPesports had reported the significance of Bosworth for the uprising earlier this month.

Neither the Boston Uprising nor the League could be reached at the time of publication.

Selected image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment International

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