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Learn about the god of war Leviathan Ax

  Learn About the God of War Leviathan Ax

One of the biggest differences in the new God of War is Kratos' new weapon. The Combat Arsenal of Kratos, which is now targeted with the Throwing Ax of the Leviathan Ax, is clearly different from the previous one. To explain the change, Sony released a new video introducing the dangerous weapon. To learn more about how the Leviathan Ax comes into play, watch my interview with the God of War Battle Team.

Watch the God of War Leviathan Ax Trailer:

Read more about the upcoming PS4 Exclusive offer by using my God of War Preview of the first two hours of the action game. Here is an excerpt:

The other big change is that Kratos has a son named Atreus who plays a central role in both gameplay and storytelling. I did not notice it early, but Atreus is actually the most interesting part of combat encounters. Not only could I command him to shoot arrows at enemies by pressing the square button (which would lead to a stun event), but he could also alert him to dangerous enemies with careful positioning. Since he has no life-line to worry about, using his son as a distraction is a very useful tactic (especially in boss fights). God of War is not just Santa Monica Studio doing anything else for the sake of diversity (though the series obviously needed a shake after Ascent seemed boring). Everything from gameplay to storytelling has changed for the better. Sony has given one of its biggest franchises new life.

God of War is scheduled to be released on April 20, 2018 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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