LeBron James was not too enthusiastic about the comments Kevin Durant made about the environment in Laker's locker room. "There is so much hype that LeBron is surrounded by other people," Durant explained. "He has so many fanboys in the media, even the Beatwriters are just killing him, I'm like, we're playing basketball here, and in some places, it's not even basketball, I understand why someone does not want to be in this environment being because it is poisonous, especially when the attention is directed to cops, it is not the fault of LeBron, it is just the fact that there are so many groupies in the media who love to hang on to every word Get out of the way and let's play basketball. "LeBron James sat down for an interview with Rachel Nichols of ESPN and explained that he and his family were irritated with this remark.

"I was a bit angry when I heard it for the first time," James explains about the 6:1

8 mark in the interview. "I did not know where it came from, I was angry, my family was angry, my friends were angry, we just did not know why, at this point in the season, my name or what I have said in my career I do not feel it was ever poisonous in my environment, and when I heard poison, I automatically thought, as if you never wanted to be around. "