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LeBron James adds to his "achievements in life": Inside Cavs-Pelicans

CLEVELAND, Ohio – LeBron James is building a new trophy room at his Los Angeles home.

He has a new little thing to throw – the plaything from the Cavs 107-102 victory the New Orleans Pelicans Friday night.

The one with which he scored in double-digit numbers for the 867th consecutive regular season game, an NBA record.

"It will probably go into my trophy case with many accomplishments in my life," said James. "This is a good moment, a special moment, not just for myself, but for my family and for so many kids looking up to know that you can actually go there and know where I'm from know that grew up 30 minutes south of here and the statistics are always against you and for me to be in this position today, able to achieve something that many thought it would not happen again or in the It would be able to break a record like this.

"It means a lot to me and means more to the youth who needs hope."

At the next break, James got the ball and was celebrated by fans and teammates. [1

9659002] "I was wondering why everybody clapped and stuff," Rodney Hood said. "That's an amazing achievement, a model of consistency. … I'm probably just four. I am very happy for him. "

It's true, Hood's 16 points give him four in a row with 10 or more points.

Long time to celebrate this streak

Much James is in the lead, in part because he broke Michael Jordan's old record and because he tied Jordan to the team Jordan owns Charlotte Hornets.

James had ample opportunity to say what the achievement is – one that can never be broken – means to catch Jordan, all that.

James' vein is a little Cal Ripken and a little Joe DiMaggio, who are so healthy that they can do night and night night out, and the ability to deliver when he's out there.

"He'll keep going," Tristan Thompson said. "What's this, year 15? Score 10 points? He can do that until he's done. Even if he is 20 years old, he can simply hang 10 points and drop. This number will simply continue to rise, just keep climbing. That's how he plays. Taking care of himself, taking care of his body. How big is his chance.

"Even if his career gets older, he goes to the 4 and crashes with the big boys, he still will not get hurt, he'll still be faster than most of them, he'll still shoot it This number will go on and he can do it until he's tired of it. "

Thompson said it was James who encouraged him to go into the weight room and take care of his own Body. The encouragement came during Thompson's rookie season when he played with the Cavs and James for the Heat.

"He told me, because I've known him for a while," If you stay in the weight room, take care of your body, this armor, you'll need it. That will keep you from being hurt, "Thompson said. "I have always taken this seriously, and when the best player in the world gives you advice that the weight room will help you stay stronger and not injure you, take it and run."

"I remember it is As if it were yesterday, "Thompson continued." He did not wear a shirt in the weight room with a do-rag. With Mike Mancias. "

Alvin Gentry on the LeBron MVP train

James finished the game with 27 points, 11 assists and nine rebounds and had a lot of shots on a 10th board, which would have given him 17 triple -Double given but it did not work out.

Anthony Davis's last shot fell off the edge and into Jordan Clarkson's stomach. James was close and saw Clarkson crossed as if he had stolen his triple double [19659002] "The things he does this year, the way he played and the level he played at this stage of his career, when everyone thought about his back problems a few years back, only shows the dedication that this one has Guy has, and his love for the game, "said Pelican coach Alvin Gentry. At 33 and 15 years to do what he is doing right now, one could really make a strong case for him as the league MVP. Obviously, James Harden will do what Houston does, but if it is LeBron James, I do not think anyone will go "oh my god."

Jose Calderon returns

Cav's acting teacher Larry Drew said he was contemplating during the halftime of playing with Jose Calderon, but he did not say for whom.

Cleveland went to the Break at 10 and back down 13 points in the first The bench was passed 22-10 and George Hill did not score

Then Hill injured his left ankle in the third quarter and was forever 6:22 left Calderon came in and the Cavs outperformed the Pelicans by 15 points in Calderon's 14 minutes Calderon himself scored five goals

"It just so happened that it happened to Jose, and I thought Jose did He did some shots, but most of all he really played with a lot of energy and that was something that I thought we really needed at this point. "

The success of the Cavs with Calderon on the court was treated in detail. He is 36, should be one of the last guys on the bench, and was pushed back into service all season long.

If Hill's ankle injury is serious at all, Calderon will probably be out there again Die Cavs

"You have to have one or two guys on each team, someone who's like a zero ego, no idea of ​​(authority) "James said. I'll stay ready when my number is called & he goes out and produces and that's great for our team because you never know when someone will go and in this case in the third quarter, when G-Hill went down and he was ready for the call. "

Clarkson, Cavs is with him on the bench

one of the reason Calderon would start in the absence of Hill – Jordan Clarkson is eligible to come from the bank. He scored 23 points on Friday and is league leaders.

"I feel more than comfortable," Clarkson said. "I just come in, play free, try to change the game with energy and play and scoring, so I try to influence the game."

Clarkson scored 14 goals in the second half, all after Hills injury.

"The thing I like about such people is that you can not expect to make a great start or play well every night, but you have someone on the bench where things get a bit shaky You can throw it in there and you know they have that ability, "Drew said. "Whether they can do it or not, that's another thing, but it's nice to have such a guy when other guys fight to throw a man in a game, and so is Jordan Ist, and he was real good for us tonight. "

Tough on Anthony Davis

Pelican star Anthony Davis shot 6 of 19 on Friday. Thompson guarded him for tracks, as did Larry Nance Jr. and Love.

"Our big boys deserve all the credit for playing AD tonight.

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