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LeBron James says his recruitment efforts are as important to the Los Angeles Lakers as his play

LeBron James is well aware that his success with the Los Angeles Lakers may be due to his effectiveness as a recruiter before the court, as well as his production in court.

And he's already planning this

"I've always recruited," James Rachel Nichols of ESPN said in a sit-down interview aired on ABC on Christmas Day at the halfway point of the Lakers Golden State Warriors game. "I tried to get guys to play with me, like in 2007. I was rejected a lot, but I did not say much."

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James started hunting early to entice marquee players to Los Angeles, and told ESPN last week, in response to a question, it would be "amazing" and "unbelievable" when the Lakers The five-time all-star Anthony Davis, who is currently signed up for the New Orleans P, elicans.

The Lakers star has admitted his weaknesses in recruiting stars in the past – James was trying to get Ray Allen, Joe Johnson, Michael Redd, and Chris Bosh to Cleveland during his first assignment with the Cavaliers.

"Many people did not want to come to Cleveland, just let me kick that out," James told Nichols. "I tried to recruit so many people for Cleveland, and we actually had – I had – some boys, and it just did not work out."

James & # 39; Lakers will meet a Warriors team that has run away A record-breaking season with 73 wins in 2015-16. Kevin Durant was able to leave lawyer Oklahoma City Thunder and move to Golden State, leading the Warriors to successive championships.

James & # 39; s recruiting efforts could be centered on a few Warriors players – Durant and Klay Thompson – who will both reach the free-agent market in the summer of 2019.

"It was not hard to find people in Miami, I'm telling you," James said, reflecting on his success with guys like Mike Miller and Shane Battier as he played for the Heat. "So now that I think I'm in L.A., I do not think it's going to be that hard to find people here.

" But we won, and at the end of the day, it's all about winning. You know, and that's what I'm trying to do right now, showing prospects and freelance agents – and at the same time showing these guys that I'm right – that we can win now and not have to worry about the future ,

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The Lakers are 19- 14, good for fourth place in the Western Conference – just three games behind the second-placed Warriors.

It seems James would have a tough fight convincing Durant to join forces with Durant's devastating comments on Bleacher Report This month, the "toxic environment" surrounding James's teams is described.

"To be honest, I was a bit angry when I first heard it," James said about Durant's remarks. " I did not know where it belonged from, and I was asked about our game later that night and did not want to comment it because I did not see it, I did not hear [it]. For a reason, I have & # 39; Uninterrupted & # 39; and I know how to chop healthy bites and dice, and things of that sort. That's why I wanted to get the whole layout of what actually happened.

James said that Nichols spoke with the NBA Final MVP to understand the intent of his message.

"He has received a call from KD," James said. "He mentioned how he felt and like the story … how he felt that the story took a turn. And as a man I can not, I hold nothing – too long. I am now too happy in my life and hold on to anything that takes away my happiness. Of course, James has been fortunate with the quest for championships for nearly a year. And while the Lakers surprised some in the league with their early successes this season, they still have a lot to do to tackle the rafters at the Staples Center Add banner.

"I'm not content just being good," James said. And I'm not content just to be where we are. I'm just happy with winning, and that's what this organization is all about. That is what the history of the NBA has always been about. The Lakers always wanted to win. Even if the season was lost, it was always about winning. "

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