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Left 4 Dead was "a great inspiration" for Overwatch Retribution

Aaron Keller: It's really cool because the players are always trying to figure out how to handle one of the specials, but when you hit two at the same time, you get a different kind of crazy dynamic.

Adrian Finol: It also helps our designers to make encounters. The more specials we have, the more pieces we have to play and the more combinations we can make.

 Overwatch Rialto map "title =" Overwatch Rialto map "height =" 332 "width =" 590 "class =" media-element file-default "typeof =" foaf: image "src =" https: / /www.pcgamesn.com/sites/default/files/overwatch%20archives%20retribution%20new%20map%20rialto%20payload .png "/> </p>
<p>  <strong> What challenges came up with designing a card that both PvE and PvP was as well? </strong></p>
<p>  Aaron Keller: We had many ideas of how hard it would be to be ahead of time. A PvE experience would never work in our PvP cards, but you'll notice that it's two pretty big, totally although I think they do not play better than the rest of the map, there are unique spaces for the PvE mission.1969007] The PvP version of the map ends really well for the mission, and I think part of it was just smart Unit design and smart AI. The other part of it is just our heroes are fun to play with them and if you are Creating a space in which they play well, they usually play well, whether against another player or against AI. I think one of the reasons is that we have a special vision for Overwatch's PvE fight. It's a bit like our PvP fight: It's very fast paced, it takes a whole team to work together in a strategic way to be successful, and it always needs a quick overview of the space in which you find yourself the enemy effectively , This is one of the main reasons why our PvP card works really well for our PvE fight. </p>
<p>  <strong> What evolution brings Rialto to payload card type? </strong></p><div><script async src=

Aaron Keller: Every time we make a card, we want to bring something unique to the table and have a different experience. And so the card developer Gabe Adams has built a lot of things here that we either do not have in other cards or not in the same proportion.

There are a lot of really difficult corners where the attackers can move on this map. In many of our maps, we have bottlenecks where the attacking team has to trot through an area to attack a target, and with a payload card, you always have to stay at the finish. Sometimes a right-angled corner is the hardest thing to get around. There is this one corner in this map – it's actually two consecutive, it's a big U you have to travel around, in front of this really cool view of one of the canals in Venice. We always call it Devil's Corner because it's so hard to actually push the payload around this section. There are all these flanking paths through the buildings there to allow the offensive and the defense to climb around and gain an edge.

There are also some areas where environmental hazards are very close to the payload path. We do not usually do that, but since Venice is, you need some water and you need channels to fulfill your imagination. Right in the middle of the map is this large channel that cuts through the space and has to drive the payload across a bridge to cross it. It's a great opportunity for characters like Lucio and Pharah to blow people into the water. One of the really cool things here is that there are gondolas going over the Channel, so if you get knocked off, you have the chance to land on one and get lucky. Then you can climb out and continue.

 Overwatch Retribution Brigitte "title =" Overwatch Retribution Brigitte "height =" 331 "width =" 590 "class =" Media File Default "typeof =" foaf: Image "src =" https: / /www.pcgamesn.com/sites/default/files/Overwatch%20Retribution%20Brigitte.jpg ">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> We have recently added our newest heroine, Brigitte she's a support hero, and the hero we released earlier was Moira and she's also a support, and that was something we really needed to supplement. You have more supporter characters in the lineup, it becomes more heroes for all players to identify with them or to find a style of play that they enjoy, they bring something completely unique to Overwatch's support page, something we lacked, we saw the response of the players, and you get a lot more people playing these heroes. </p>
<p>  I think it's also something Broug of toxicity, where people [were upset] and feeling like, "Oh, I have to <em> </em> to play support". We had no options for them [within the support role] and I think that was something we had to work on. I think the support role is much better now because we did it. </p>
<p>  <strong> The defensive role has few heroes. Does it need some extra attention? </strong></p><div><script async src=

Aaron Keller: It gets a bit difficult because some of our defenders play very well. You look at a character like Junkrat, who is under the defensive, but he plays on both sides just as often. So it gets very difficult when we talk about the role of the defensive and if it has enough heroes or not. It's not so black and white, and you have to put these two offensive and defensive heroes together.

Would you remove role labels from heroes?

Adrian Finol: [laughs] That would be amazing! 19659007] Aaron Keller: There is always a possibility for something like that. We will always want some kind of categorization of heroes, even if it's just easier to find them in the lineup. But there is a possibility that something like this could happen.

What does the future look like for Brigitte?

Aaron Keller: I did not look at the statistics for her in a short time, so I can not say exactly if we think she's overwhelmed or under-hunted at this point. I think we got a lot of positive feedback from Brigitte, from very low players to GM and even Overwatch League players. Everyone sees a lot of potential in the character and I think we have a lot of reactions where they feel like they are a very well-designed character.

It's interesting, because we've seen from the Overwatch League teams that some of them say they really want to play them and get into the lineup, and some of them say they will not lead them at all, what a kind of perfect place to have heroes. At the top level of the game, depending on the style of play of each group, they are viable, and then at the lowest level of the game, they are also viable. I think we are really happy with what she is now, but we have to keep an eye on her and see if we need to change anything.

Adrian Finol: We have to be careful that we are too reactionary. We like to watch how things calm down. As we have shown in the past, we are ready to change heroes to improve the game, but we are not always right and we will go back and change things. So we wait and look at her.

 Overwatch Retribution Hanzo "title =" Overwatch Retribution Hanzo "height =" 332 "width =" 590 "class =" Media Element File Default "typeof =" foaf: Image "src =" https: / / www.pcgamesn.com/sites/default/files/Overwatch%20Retribution%20Hanzo_0.jpg ">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aaron Keller: It's funny, I think there has always been a reaction against Hanzo - especially the Scatter Arrow - and the timing is hard to determine, part of it is how much time we have, and some of it. When the things we tried work, Hanzo is a character we've been looking at for a long time and internally, we've really tried many different things on it, but most of it did not. I think Geoff Goodman has really had an experience that is still faithful to the original character and also feels very powerful, but feel it It's also very fair to fight against it at the same time. That's how it happened, we came up with something we thought was great. </p><div><script async src=

Is Scatter Arrow the core theme of Hanzo?

Adrian Finol: Well, every time I die it's the arrow! [laughs]

Aaron Keller: Yeah, it's funny because you mentioned that since the start it has been a very splitting skill. (19659007) What other game modes would you like to introduce to Overwatch?

Aaron Keller: Many of the different game modes that come out at the events are based on desires to see something new in Overwatch. With Capture the Flag for Lunar New Moon, it was just something we always wanted to see in Overwatch, and you can see every year that the Marquee game mode sometimes changes a bit. In 2016, the winter event had Mei & # 39; s Snowball Fight, and we recorded it with the last event, but we also had the Yeti Hunt, so there are definitely other things we'd like to try.

We will probably always be at events for the foreseeable future to introduce these game modes. There are definitely things we would like to see in the game. Nothing that I can really talk about, but there will be new things.

Overwatch Retribution is currently live and runs until April 30th. Do you want more? For more news on Blizzard's hero shooter, visit our Overwatch Hub page.

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