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Legal noed for N. J. takes a big step forward. We expect final votes next week.

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New Jersey took another big step toward legalizing recreational marijuana on Monday, when two Legislative Legislative Boards passed a new bill and cast historic votes in the entire Legislature Legislative Assembly next week

The committees needed hours to vote after the legislature had made final changes to the closed-door measure of the Statehouse in Trenton.

The Judiciary Committee of the US Senate voted for the bill with a vote of 6-4, with one abstention after 8 pm Previously, the committee approved the allocation of funds to the National Assembly by a vote of 6: 2 with two abstentions.

The legislature also approved a separate expulsion law and a bill to expand medical marijuana.

The full Senate and Assembly must now pass the measure before Gov. Phil Murphy ̵

1; an important proponent of the legal potential – can sign it. However, the voices to secure legalization are still elusive.

On Monday afternoon, the leaders were still a handful of votes behind what was needed. Murphy, who has been criticized in the last few days for not doing enough to raise the votes, called up his demands to the legislature on Monday to cast some votes, two sources with knowledge of the situation, NJ Advance said Media.

The One Governor made "dozens" of calls all day, a senior government official said.

The action on Monday prepares the stage for a series of other calls and discussions over the next seven days before the planned final vote, which is scheduled for March 25. If the Senate and the Assembly fall short on that day, is it is possible that a later vote is not yet carried out.

During the Assembly Committee's hearing, Gregory Quinlan of the Center for Garden State Families said the law was "wrong for the state" and worried about Monday's conversations with the back room and late additions

"How do I show a bill referring to the amendments that I have not seen? Quinlan asked the assembler y panel, "This is disrespectful to us."

The law would legalize the possession and personal use of marijuana for New Jersey people who are at least 21 years old and The measure would also allow people with low marijuana beliefs to remove these charges from their records.

Supporters and opponents of marijuana rallied around the state house on Monday, waiting for an opportunity to receive testimonies on the bills, but they had no opportunity to speak to the Senate committee, who canceled the statements of the public. The meeting limited the statement to a few minutes per speaker.

A handful of the most active cannabis followers said on Monday that they were generally satisfied with the updated legalization law that became public last week.

Scott Rudder, president of the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association, said he feels the bill is a decent compromise.

"I have not heard of anyone who is really happy," said Rudder. "But if someone walks away happily, that's not a good compromise."

Despite rising bills, not everyone involved in the debate is pleased about the language, especially the provisions on social justice. The mayor of Newark Ras Baraka called for a more gradual demolition of the language when speaking to the Assembly's Committee on Means.

"The elimination process is laborious and ineffective," said Baraka. "It is still punishing people convicted of marijuana indictment, and we should eliminate all situations and give people the opportunity to live their lives completely and peacefully so that past cannabis offenses will not deny them access to employment opportunities

Legislative sources said on Monday afternoon that the Assembly was still a few votes away from passing the legalization and the Senate still has at least three votes left. This number is lower than last week, it seems Legislators are making progress in counting votes.

If the bill can be passed next Monday and the governor signs it, supervisors would immediately start writing the industry rules, which are expected to come into force one year after adoption

If the plan is next Week is not successful, it may take a while for legalization to be discussed again. The state senate, Stephen Sweeney, said this month: Lega If the weeds do not go through in March, it probably will not start until after the November elections.

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