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Legends can skip PS4 for cross-play ban

Bethesda is not completely against the Sony guidelines, as other games such as Fallout 76 are still for the PS4. It does so because Legends "cross-play is a selling point, and because a card game does not require the power of a living room console.

However, it's significant that the developer is ready to go without a high-selling console And that's a problem for both Sony and gamers ̵

1; it's one thing for PS4 owners to play a game solely within their own ecosystem, but it's different when Certain games on your preferred platform are not available at all, and although it is unlikely that you will see a mass exodus from the PS4, this suggests that other major studios skip the system for other releases that rely on cross-play. In this light, Sony's talk of a possible "solution" to cross-game restrictions may not be early enough for players who want access to as many titles as possible.

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