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"Legion" summary with spoilers: "Chapter 11"

The narrator discusses the "nocebo effect," in which the human body has a negative physical response to suspected harm, and conversion disorders in which the mind transforms mental stress into a physical tick or reaction that can be contagious. These ticks can become viral and infect a whole community. If the hint of illness can turn into illness, what else is a disruption to our reality?

The Shadow King is coddled by women while he mentally fights David's father. Farouk falls over, apparently dead, and is placed in a white coffin and driven away by a monk in a hearse. The coffin is taken to a monastery where a group of monks lay it down to be buried and sealed under the monastery. During the meal, the monks hear something moving under the ground.

While sleeping, Ptonomy's head creeps into delusion. When he wakes up, he hears voices. General Fukuyama Watches

Cary insists that Kerry come to eat with him. He shows her how to eat sushi. She's struggling with it and does not see the point, because she gets everything she needs when they're merged, but reminds her that after last year they decided not to take everything for granted. Then he helps her to the bathroom.

Syd uses her power to own a cat and look for the monk. She communicates with the Legion through telepathy. She sees Clark as he finds a bloody handprint on the inside of the window to the room where the chattering people are housed. A civilian is missing in the group.

David sees a flash from Future Syd, who writes him a message, but he only sees the letter "H." David enters the tank and extends his thoughts.

He finds Lenny writing "Exit" to the side of a pool and still trying to find a way out of Farouk's psyche. She asks David for pills and tries to talk to him. She asks David for help with Farouk. Not least, she wants to be released from her misery.

Farouk tells David that the monk's mind will be impenetrable if he does not know the secret. David asks what Farouk will do to his body when he finds him. He says he will just live in it and enjoy women, money and power. David asks if he will be a supervillain. Farouk says that he was a king and a good king until David's white father, who did not understand the customs of his people and deposed him because he thought he knew better.

Farouk points out that David is helping a future version of Syd. She does not exist if she succeeds and helps her commit suicide. Farouk also says that it is the monk who causes the talkativeness of the people, not himself.

David comes out of the chamber to find himself alone, and the base of Division 3 has apparently been the scene of a kind of fight , He finds a soldier on the ground and several people chattering in the hallways and cafeteria. He sees a cow, which then disappears before his eyes. He finds Cary, who is startled and sprays his eyes with a household cleaner. Cary says he saw the monk and that the child watchers followed him. They are immune to his illness, but he hummed a tune that forced them to follow him.

David and Cary find ptonomy on the ground and babble. David takes Cary and plunges into Ptatonys thoughts, which take the form of a massive, complex hedge labyrinth. You will find that ptonomy cares for the flowers. Cary enters the rest of the delusion that has pervaded Ptonomy's mind. Ptonyomy does not seem to recognize David or Cary. Cary recognizes that the disease keeps people imprisoned in fantasies of their core desires. In Ptonomy's case, his powers are reversed. Instead of being able to reminisce, he has no memory whatsoever.

David uses his powers to awaken Ptonomy. The labyrinth explodes around them and they all get through in the physical world. They go out of Ptonomy's room and see the cow again. David sees another flash from Future Syd, this time with a "U".

David, Cary and Ptonomy find Melanie Bird rattling. They pick them up and carry them back to Cary's lab and then they come into their thoughts. They find complete darkness. Ptonomy opens a lighter. They see a light and go towards it. It is a typewriter. They hit a key and words appear in front of them like a text adventure game. It tells them that they are in a cave with a door. They look around and see a ladder and climb down. The ladder ends in the dark. David says they jump and they fall. It tells them that they are in the labyrinth and they have to move on or the Minotaur will get them. David gives the order to look around. You reach a fork in the labyrinth. David tries to call Melanie. They are approached by a monstrous-looking creature, the Minotaur, and move away.

David tries to use his power and break through the maze, but the darkness consumes the light he created. They come to a dead end. David tries something different and taps into Melanie's story of falling in love with Oliver and absorbing his dreams at his own expense. Melanie appears in front of them and they leave their labyrinth together. They see the cow again and then David sees again a flash of Sydney, this time he writes a "R." David says they should now be immune to the monk. They split up, David left Cary to look for Syd, while Ptonomy and Melanie were looking for Fukuyama.

David sees another flash and another "R." Cary hides just before David is attacked by the monk children. They pull him away and Cary follows him.

David is brought to the monk who shows David the monastery in thought. The monks try to sleep, but there is a constant noise. David, as the monk in his memory, wakes up. During the day the monks try to meditate, but the hammering is constant. One of the monks begins to laugh uncontrollably. On another day, David, two monks see themselves hanged from the monastery entrance. Other monks have chatted. David looks at the barren, secluded desert where the monastery is located.

Cary continues to search for David. He finds Kerry clattering. He tries to merge with her, but it does not work. He fades.

Melanie and Ptonomy find Fukuyama. The Vermillion are shot down. The monk is trapped in Fukuyama. He wants to build the weapon Division 3. The monk says that they were not told that Farouk was a monster when the body was taken and that they were told to find Division 3 in case something went wrong. He says the Shadow King can not be burned or drowned. Fukuyama says they wanted to build a weapon, but never did. Too many other crises came up and they forgot. The monk does not believe them. Melanie thinks that David is the weapon. The monk says he does not want David's help. He says that he does not trust David and just wants to reveal that David is working with the Shadow King when David comes in and teleports both himself and the monk to the roof of Ward 3. [1

96592002] David and the monk quarrel. The monk says that the shadow king will kill them all and that he will be seen in David's mind. David gets another flash from Future Syd, a "Y", and makes the full message "HURRY". David gets angry and tries to get the monk to tell him where Farouk's body is. Instead of telling David, the monk throws himself off the roof [196592002] David sees Syd on the roof and rattles. He comes in her thoughts and finds a blizzard.

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