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"Legion" summary with spoilers: "Chapter 9"

Lenny and Oliver Bird float in a pool. You are alone, but someone gives Oliver a fresh drink. Lenny laughs and says they are trapped. The camera zooms out to show that they are in the head of Amahl Farouk, the Shadow King, in London. The camera moves on to show that the Shadow King is in Oliver's head while in a club.

There is a monologue that compares the madness with a maze

Clark and Ptonomy find David in an abandoned club. He tells them to help them, that they are in the maze and then they pass out. Clark and Ptonomy open a door to find a room full of people with clattering teeth.

David is put in a capsule and taken to Ward 3, where Cary waits.

Syd sits with a cat and licks herself by the hand.

Cary investigates David. He hypothesizes that David's spirit is trapped in the astral plane. "Master" suggests that if there is a risk that a telepath has been infected, it should be stopped. Clark says that David is strong enough to resist him. Cary takes off his safety helmet and tries to talk to David to trigger alerts and laser sites. Cary calls Kerry to protect him. Master tells the soldiers to get up. David finally wakes up and asks for waffles.

David sits opposite Ptonomy and eats waffles. Ptonomy explains that they are now in Division 3. "The Master" is Admiral Fukuyama, the boss. He says everybody from Summerland is now working for the 3rd Division.

After the Lazarus affair, the divisions were set up to deal with a new mutant threat. Department 1

is command. Department 2 is pure science. Division 3 is the daily field operation. Melanie Bird convinced Division 3 that mutants are generally not the enemy. Summerland teamed with Division 3 to better face the real enemy, the Shadow King.

The last thing David remembers is the orb that struck him. Everything else is trees and a roof and dancing. Ptonomy sees Sydney and leaves. David hears voices in his head and wonders if ptonomy "knows."

Syd greets David and realizes he looks the same. She tells him that they believed they were dead for almost a year. David thought it was only yesterday. Sydney remembers what she did last year. They kiss.

Syd says that they know that Farouk is still in Oliver. He was spotted around the world. They think he is looking for something. They came closer to him a few times, but they were distracted by something called "the catalyst." It's the thing that causes people to freeze and babble their teeth. They then realized that it happened wherever Oliver went. They think he somehow infects people with a psychological virus.

Melanie talks to Syd about David's return. She regrets comparing David to Oliver. She says it's how her men control her, her absence distracts her from her life.

The story of Zhuangzi is told, who dreamed that he was a butterfly for so long that he was not sure if he had dreamed it was a butterfly or if he had dreamed he was Zhuangzi. Then one speaks of the type of deception by using Albert, who was convinced that his leg was not his own. And cut it off.

David tries to remember what happened to him. He talks to Clark. He says he has no idea what Farouk actually looks like. Clark says that they believe he came to Morocco in the early 1800s. He assumed a mythological figure. Clark says they'll do a couple of tests with David to make sure he's not lying last year.

David is sent to speak with Admiral Fukuyama. Fukuyama says his mind can not be read. He is the machine that bleeds, the organizing principle. The voices continue in David's head. He can feel the shadow king, but he seems to be hiding. Cary has a device to save David's memories. They plan to "kill" the Shadow King if they find him. David is worried about Oliver. Fukuyama says they need to find Farouk's body, which was hidden after David's father defeated the shadow king on the astral plane. Farouk's mind is powerful, but his mutation is genetic. He becomes even more powerful when he can reunite with his body, and so he seeks for it.

Cary created a reinforcement chamber to increase David's psychic abilities. David enters the tank against his own wishes.

Ptonomy asks Syd if she believes David. Ptonomy says he has seen memories, although David claims he does not remember. David was in the nightclub when Oliver was there. They danced. He wonders if the Shadow King is still in control of David.

In the tank, David sees flashes of the nightclub. He remembers seeing someone and following them. Then he remembers a kind of dance exchange with Oliver and Lenny. Cary also starts dancing. David somehow ends up outside the tank and has to lie down.

Syd asks David what he saw in the tank. He claims they are just coincidental things and noise. She accuses him of keeping secrets. He says he has processing issues. Sydney wonders when David will leave again. David gives Syd a compass to make Cary do. The compass always points in its direction.

David recalls being trapped in the floating ball and seeing Syd with the compass already hanging around her neck. She does not speak and indicates that she can not hear him. She draws an hourglass to indicate the time. She draws more, indicating that David is in the present and she is in the future. She then draws a symbol for the Shadow King and his body. Then she writes: "Help him." There is noise behind Syd. She draws a heart and a tear falls over her face. She goes into the darkness.

David sees the man he follows in the club. Then he sees Lenny and Oliver.

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