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LEGO City 60230 People Pack – Space Research and Development [Review] | The Brothers Brick

Among the LEGO universes, the new pirates are space exploration. And the new castle too. The room is in the trend like never before. LEGO is unique and reflects not only historical moments, but also gives us an insight into the future of space travel. That's what the sets of LEGO City Summer 2019 are all about. The lineup is made up of familiar concepts for ships and vehicles, but there's a set that sets it apart: 60230 People Pack – Space Research And Development . The set contains an impressive compilation of 14 minifigures and a range of accessories and equipment. It consists of 209 parts and costs $ 39.99 49.99 Canadian dollars | UK £ 34.99.

The box and packaging

The set is in a normal box with three plastic bags, but only two booklets. Since the minifigures are evenly distributed on the pockets, it is most fun to put the set together with a few friends.

New Parts

Although the set contains only about 200 parts, there are some geodesic pieces among these that are brand new for 2019 sets. The latest LEGO sets contain geodesic stones in three different colors. Dark brown and pink are the most common, and you will find them in this set as well. To be honest, no picture will do the trick, as the mineral inside the rock just looks great.

Some of the pieces can be placed side by side and form a "solid" rock. It is strangely satisfying to divide it into two parts. The contrast between the matte outer surface and the shiny mineral inside the rock is breathtaking.

The Minifigures

Unlike other LEGO City People packages (such as 60202 Outdoor Adventures), the Space Exploration and Development Pack is dedicated to a particular occupation – aerospace engineering and space exploration. All 14 brand-new minifigures introduce children (and adults alike!) To the diversity of NASA careers, including rocket engineers, space biologists and, of course, astronauts.

Astronaut Candidate

The long journey to the stars begins with the blue jumpsuit of an astronaut candidate. There are three brave future pilots in the set who have the same upper body design that you find in other LEGO City space sets.

While both male candidates have alternate facial expressions, one female candidate remains cheerful during the workout. [19659012] The training is supervised by a strict coach who definitely knows how to motivate the team. A pizza on a whip is one of the most bizarre LEGO minifigure accessories I've ever assembled.

Although the astronaut candidates must pass endless tests and exams, only a few of these tests are presented in the set. First comes a very simple, but tidy treadmill. A printed gradient with buttons and gauges looks slightly overweight for a treadmill, but is practical for custom spacecraft cockpits and panels.

A centrifuge is one of the simplest functioning devices that you can build with LEGO parts. The set would not end without one. Even if you do not like the design, this mini build for white tiles and a huge round 6×6 plate is precious.

Aerospace Engineer

While astronaut candidates are fighting for a slice of pizza, space engineers are struggling and mechanics are busy developing and testing new engines and engines. This is an assignment for another female minifigure with one of the best alternative facial expressions I've ever seen in a LEGO set. A disappointed look, covered with dust and smoke, looks absolutely fantastic and gives this minifigure a lot of character.

The engineer's workplace consists of a model of a thruster and a computer and a cup of strong coffee. Like the equipment described above, these designs are small and sketchy. And of course, the alternate facial expression of the engineer implies a scenario of total chaos in the lab, which is very easy to play!

Space Biologist

Space is therefore a perfect place for experiments in numerous fields, including biology. We get a space biologist. The design of the minifigure resembles that of the LEGO City 60204 City Hospital, but a magnifying glass indicates that she is a scientist or researcher.

While the biologist is still on Earth, he performs experiments with a low-pressure dome. NASA research uses similar devices to grow plants such as lettuce, but the LEGO version contains some kind of flower under the glass.

This construction is quite simple, but thanks to the opening dome, the adjustable lights and the items to play well, it is discovered earlier in the set.

Drone Engineer

In my opinion, a drone engineer is the coolest minifigure in the set. A brand new face design with red goggles and mask, white lab coat, and a hair cap (first released in 2012!) For another brilliant female minifigure. The remote has a printed tile with trajectory and display patterns, which is also suitable for any aircraft cockpit.

The drone itself looks so simple it's hard to believe it's high-tech in any way. Obviously, the target price of the set does not allow more complex models. But thanks to many other accessories in the set, there are plenty of game scenarios for every minifigure.

The Space Robot and his Mechanic

Star Wars droids are cool, but have you met Valkyrie, NASA's space robot? Here comes a LEGO version of one of the most advanced man-made robots ever created. Like the original version, the figure has a light blue round circle in the middle of the chest, instead of a transparent visor, a minifigure head in chrome gold.

The mechanic looks very similar to the welder from the series 11 of LEGO Collectible Minifigures. Plus, this set is the cheapest way to get a minifigure toolbox in dark blue.

While the robot is still on Earth, it is pretty useless. So you have to use your imagination to play some scenes with it.


In the history of manned spaceflights, astronauts have proven themselves in numerous versions of space suits. Depending on the purpose and function, the spacesuits were colored in silver, orange, blue or white. This set introduces three different types of spacesuits. The most unusual of the three is the blue one. It looks retro and futuristic at the same time and reminds me of the old Navy Mark IV high-pressure suits. I'm not entirely happy with how the white helmet fits with a light blue body and dark blue gloves, but that's just my opinion.

The blue astronaut carries a flag. Fortunately, the set contains a small piece of an extraterrestrial landscape. Depending on how strong the gravity of the planet is, planting a flag can be a lot of fun.

Next up are some brave astronauts in pumpkin suits. Unlike the blue ones, these must be based on Advanced Crew Escape Suits (ACES), which NASA used in the mid-1990s. The suit looks fantastic with the new helmet part and a transparent-blue visor.

The female astronaut is very charming with her smirking alternative facial expression and complementary hair piece. However, you must remove the air tanks from the neck to put on your hair.

Your crew member is the greatest comedian in the universe. He carries a huge alien head on a stick and of course his alternative facial expression is useful when the joke succeeds.

Both astronauts are followed by a TV crew ready to capture their first impressions of their spaceflight. The reporter is a pretty ordinary LEGO City minifigure in a suit, while the cameraman is a very impressive guy.

TV crews have always been part of the LEGO City game, and although they are not space scientists, they matter. Increase the playability of the set by playing a gag with the head of an alien or reporting on the successes of the scientists ,

Changing heads and other minifigure accessories lets you play more scenarios, making each one funnier than the other.

Here comes an astronaut in a classic white space suit resembling a suit of extravehicular mobility. Obviously this is designed for outdoor work. If I chose an accessory for the minifigure, a camera would certainly not be my first choice, but here we have one.

I have to admit that this version of a white space suit looks really great and goes well with a massive helmet piece. Another recent example of astronaut minifigures with the same helmet parts are some minifigures of the LEGO Creator Expert 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander. The minifigure design was one of the weak points of the Expert set, so comparing the two sets in terms of spacesuit designs is particularly interesting.

In the complete kit, the most striking difference between the figures is the lack of prints on the legs of the astronauts in the Lunar Lander Set. Although both torsos have pretty much the same amount of detail, it is important to remember that one of the minifigures is supposed to be modeled on a real astronaut who participated in the historical event, while the other minifigure has only the general character of a modern one Raums has explorers.

Conclusion and Recommendation

LEGO City 60230 People Pack – Space Research and Development Set has so many strengths and characteristics that it is almost silly to criticize it for some reason. Of course, some builds are a bit weak and the design team could have added a few minifigure accessories. But the purpose and idea of ​​the set are so great that the set looks like a perfect set for a LEGO space collection. No doubt you will build your own spaceport and your own spaceships, and this brilliant collection of minifigures can easily serve as inspiration.

LEGO City 60230 People Pack – Space Research and Development ships with 209 parts and 14 minifigures and is available at LEGO Online Shop for $ 39.99 49.99 Canadian Dollars | UK £ 34.99, as well as third-party and Amazon and eBay.

Take a look at the full gallery of pictures below.

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