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Leonardo DiCaprio strokes Frauenkopf at the Coachella After-Party

Leo DiCaprio

Back to Coachella …

Teacher's pet

13.4.2014 11:23 PDT


Leonardo DiCaprio is back in the desert for another year of Coachella – and it looks like he's there with his newest Buh Thang … who was obviously a very good girl.

Leo was spotted at the after party of Poppy and Google Midnight Bloom around 2:30 pm late Friday night / early Saturday morning, wearing his usual incognito outfit … a dark hoodie, hat and sunglasses. It really is not even a disguise anymore, dude.

However, the Shindig attracted a number of celebrities … we are told how Paris Hilton Nick Young Trae Young and even Cuba Gooding Jr. was there. And of course, Leo and the one we believe is his 21

-year-old Argentine model (ex-?) – flame, Camila Morrone .

In this video obtained by TMZ you see him get up in one spot and pet the girl sitting next to him … right on the noggin. It's unclear if this is Camila or any other chick he's fallen in love with since then … but he's apparently comfortable enough to head butt.

Leo and Camila have not been together in public since at least November last year – which seemed like a whirlwind romance from 2018, which she also classified in Coachella.

She got rather handsy with him during a daytime party hosted by none other than his former ex, Rihanna . And the next day … he returned the favor until and clung to her for the dearest life.

If it's really a new chick … that's nothing new. But if it's really Camila … weeeellll, that's actually pretty surprising. Could the wolf actually settle ???

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