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Leonardo DiCaprio's 2000 famous film closes due to tourist damage

The Thai beach, which became famous for the movie "The Beach" by Leonardo DiCaprio in 2000, is being closed due to tourist damage

According to the Associated Press, Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi Leh Island will be closed to all visitors for four months every year, starting in June, to allow coral reefs and marine life to recover. Thailand's National Parks and Wildlife Department Made the Decision Wednesday

More than 200 boats and 4,000 people visit the beach every day, and recent surveys conducted by marine biologists have revealed that parts of the reefs have disappeared and life in the sea has disappeared [19659004] Also Read: Leonardo DiCaprio joins Manan of Tarantino

Thailand closes many of its marine national parks from mid-May to mid-October, but Maya Bay is open year-round since the movie since the movie

"Overworked and tired, all the beauty of the beach has disappeared, we need a break for the beach," said Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a member of the Thai National Strategy Committee on Environmental Development, to the AP.

When it reopens, there will be a daily limit of 2,000 tourists who will be able to reach the beach , Boats are no longer allowed to anchor.

"The Beach" was staged by Danny Boyle and is based on a novel of the same name by Alex Garland. It also starred Tilda Swinton and Virginie Ledoyen and followed Richard (DiCaprio), who travels to Thailand when he comes in possession of a strange card that represents a lonely beach paradise. Leonardo DiCaprio War In (19659011) "The New Lassie" (1989)
Leonardo DiCaprio played in the syndicate series in 1989, when he was just 15 years old.

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