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LG asked Reddits Android users what they think of the score, then deleted the post – BGR

The iPhone X notch cloning business will be ridiculous, especially if Android manufacturers pretend they do not copy Apple. Companies like Asus and Huawei made headway and equipped notched devices while taking hits from the iPhone maker and bragging about their notch design. Smaller Chinese companies also unveiled iPhone X clones without explaining their design decision.

Earlier this week, however, OnePlus thought it best to face the problem and did everything to convince customers Apple's notch design is the only way to go. LG then followed with a borderline funny move. The company, which is already working on a LG G7 that supposedly delivers top performance like the iPhone X, went to Reddit to ask Android fans what they think of scores. Things got mad quickly, and the post was deleted.

Spotted first by Android Police entitled the Reddit Post What are your thoughts on "The Notch" was removed. Apparently people really hate the score, and LG was not really happy with the answers it received. Here's what the post originally read:

We've seen a lot of comments about "The Notch" in recent weeks, from people who love quick access to the menu to those who hate wasted screen space , We would like to collect some more feedback to share with our R & D team ̵

1; and this is where you come in. What do you think? Love the score? Or is notch your thing?

Let's take a moment to appreciate how funny this post is. We have a major smartphone maker who asks Reddit users what they think about a phone feature that does not officially confirm that LG devices are affected; a design has been popularized by Apple's iPhone.

Moderators blocked the post and prevented others from responding. At this time, the Post has 376 upvotes and 907 comments.

The account that started the tier is called LG_Support and has been verified by Reddit's moderators. While it is always possible that someone has tried to impersonate LG managers, the more likely explanation is that LG hated all counter-reactions.

Does that mean that LG will not continue with its notch plans? That's hardly likely. The handset that was shown behind closed doors at MWC was months in the making, and it's not that LG would simply break it off and replace it with something else just because the Reddit Android community hates scores.

What's interesting about the LG G7, or whatever they call it, is that LG ordered a revision of the phone, according to reports that appeared in mid-January. Other rumors are that some employees are not happy that LG has decided to copy the Apple design.

The LG G7 is to come sometime in the summer on the market.

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