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LG is annoyed by the shutdown of MWC smartphones


Does LG have a touch-less interface for its new flagship smartphone?


LG sent an invitation to "Save the Date" this month for a revelation at Mobile World Congress stating that the Korean smartphone maker no longer has to touch the screen of their device.

The invited, delivered in the form of a 1

0-second video (see below) published on YouTube, a white piece of paper with a hand over it that effortlessly changes the words on the paper with a hand wave. After the message "Goodbye Touch" appears and is deleted, we will be invited to an MWC event in Barcelona on February 24th.

The video suggests that LG's new flagship smartphone, whose name is not yet finalized, will do so. It has a user interface that allows control over hand gestures without touching the screen. This idea has aroused more than a little interest in tech giants.

Earlier this month, the FCC approved Google's approval to use radar-based motion sensors (also known as Project Soli). Users are reported to be able to handset electronic devices.

A non-contact user interface could give LG a big boost, as it could barely stand out from an increasingly competitive market for smartphone gamers. While Apple, Huawei and Samsung dominate high-end phone sales, and OnePlus and other Chinese manufacturers are more likely to hit budget-conscious consumers, LG is getting into the awkward middle of the pack.

Its flagship smartphone, the LG G7 ThinQ and LG V40 ThinQ are decent devices that are often overlooked for more striking alternatives.

LG did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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