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LG offers seven ingenious features that it adds to the upcoming G8 ThinQ – BGR

The day after LG Electronics announced that its latest flagship, the G8 ThinQ, would arrive in the US on April 11, the company took a step backstage as a result of all the cool features it does packed into the phone has non-contact controls and their innovative audio experience.

On Friday, LG registered seven trademarks at the European Union Intellectual Property Office, which cover some of the technologies that will be included in the G8 ThinQ and started for pre-orders. On Friday, the award will begin with a variety of special offers at 819.99 dollars.

Three of the brand names, for example, refer to the new OLED speaker technology "Crystal Sound", which uses the display as an amplifier. LG has protected the names Audio Display, Display Sound and LG Magic Speaker. The brand documentation, which was discovered in the Dutch Tech News blog LetsGoDigital uses the same description for all three names: "OLED screens acting as audio amplifiers and audio speakers."

This week, William Cho, President and CEO of LG North America, announced the availability of the mobile phone in the US. He described the company's most innovative company to date with features never before seen on a phone. Among the other brands, which are under the brand name brand name, LG also calls its time-flight camera with front camera the LG Z lens. LG countered the trend that other companies like Oppo and Huawei are pursuing to place the time-of-flight camera on the back. LGs also offer enhanced face recognition and the ability to enjoy advanced reality applications, just to name a few. [1

9659005] LG Face Code is the name of the feature that allows users to unlock the handset with Face Detection. The front camera actually does a 3D scan of your face that seems to stand behind the name for the unlock feature. Meanwhile, the company chose the name LG Air Click to refer to the ability to interact with its smartphones by hand gestures, something that LG said in at least one of the early presentations in which the G8 was introduced, "Air Motion". called.

The last new name pointed out is LG 3D Eye. LG calls the software ability to recognize the "shape, thickness and other characteristics of the veins of a user's hands" according to the brand's documentation.

Palm scanning is another way to enable the G8 ThinQ "3D Eye". You aim the phone at your hand and scan the wires in it.

For more information on LG's pending phone, see our previous report, which includes a list of specifications and offers. It's worth your while to be interested in this model.

Source: Chris Smith, BGR

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