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LG plans to sell 65-inch TVs in 2019, which will be rolled up like posters, News & Top Stories from Companies & Markets

TOKYO (BLOOMBERG) – LG Electronics plans to start selling big screen TVs next year, which can be rolled up and put away like a poster. This is at the heart of the effort to revive a troubled business so a person familiar with the Internet is matter.

The planned 65-inch televisions are automatically retracted at the touch of a button like a garage door, the person said on the condition of anonymity, since this is an internal matter. They will be equipped with organic light-emitting diodes or OLED screens, which will produce crisp images and fold more easily than conventional LCD or liquid crystal display panels.

LG relies on so-called rollable and OLED televisions to revive a consumer electronics business, which deals with price declines and aggravates competition in China. The South Korean conglomerate is sending workers to streamline and refocus future technologies such as flexible displays. A prototype of the television, which is shown in the research center of LG in Seoul, can be rolled up when not in use and put into a box.

The company demonstrated rollable display technology earlier this year, but 201

9 will be its first commercial release in TVs. LG declined to comment.

It is estimated that OLED televisions account for only 1.1 percent of the market this year, while LCDs account for nearly 98 percent, according to Data Tracker Statista. According to OLED TV, the number of OLED televisions is expected to increase by 70 percent to 4 million next year, from 2.35 million this year.

LG also plans to leave its mark on fifth generation or 5G radio technology It is expected to revolutionize the mobile Internet and enable a variety of gadgets from home appliances to cars. LG is likely to introduce its first 5G smartphone at the Mobile World Congress next year, the person said. US telecommunications company Sprint Corp. announced in August that it is working with LG to bring a 5G-powered device to the US in the first half of the year. The plans for their own Korean home market are still unclear, the person added.

While Apple Inc. wants to keep at least 2020 before offering a 5G iPhone, Samsung Electronics plans to launch three new versions of its flagship, the Galaxy S10, following its first launch next year. Samsung will also work on scrollable and stretchable screens that could eventually be transferred to smartphones. The company declined to comment on its progress.

Unlike Samsung, LG does not plan to introduce a phone with "foldable" screens next year, a well-known person said. The company doubts the profitability of such a device given the uncertainty of demand and the cost of making such a large screen for a mobile device, two people said.

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