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Liberal billionaire brings national drive to sue President Donald Trump to Utah

If you were a billionaire, how would you spend all the money? Tom Steyer has decided to use millions to criticize his President Donald Trump.

Steyer led his 30-city city tour of Salt Lake City on Friday – continuing nationwide television advertising and providing group legal aid to immigrants whose families were separated.

He laughs when asked why a billionaire would spend his time attacking the president.

"For the same reason as millions of other Americans," he said. "We are committed to the Constitution, our democracy and the American people."

Steyer ̵

1; billionaire by hitting the Farallon Capital Management hedge fund in San Francisco – calls Trump "a president who breaks the law daily and has disrespect for the constitution and the rule of law." This attitude is evident throughout his tenure, during the decisions he makes. "

Above all, he is filled with how Trump handled immigration.

Steyer says the president uses "separating children from their parents – basically children in burial camps – as a way to terrorize their parents, to make them withdraw their asylum applications."

He said that "this is completely in line with a president who does not believe in the rule of law, in fact he thought these people should be removed without judges and without any procedure."

He spoke to the Salt Lake Tribune in advance a council meeting he had scheduled for Friday night at the Falls Event Center on Trolley Square – part of a committed $ 40 million to overthrow Trump through his "Need to Impeach" group

This organization that Steyer set up in October , has collected more than 5.4 million signatures on its website in an online petition. Most came in response to TV commercials with Steyer. (Fox News pulled one of these ads shortly after Trump tweeted his displeasure 19659011) "It's a long process of education" to provide support to remove a president, Steyer said. He said he uses town hall meetings because "we perceived that as the most democratic and participatory way to have a conversation with America."

Steyer said he believes the "Washington elites" do not consider it appropriate to talk about impeachment

Now, for two-thirds of his 30-city tour, Steyer said, "What we see everywhere is People who are motivated by patriotism, who care about democracy and who care about the country, the rule of law – to make sure that they do everything they can to ensure that the country and the values ​​they grew up with are safe. "[19659004] Steyer has invited constitutional lawyers to consider whether legal standards are met to prosecute Trump and posted this online. He argues that this has happened – says that irresistible crimes that are the easiest to prove are obstruction of justice and receive unfair payments or favors from foreign governments.

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