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Liberating birds for a cheap electric scooter

Several months ago, several companies began using electric scooters on city sidewalks in the United States. These scooters were standard commercial electric scooters from China, which were equipped with battery packs, motors and a "brain box" with GPS unit, cellular modem and a few other electronic devices that trigger this stupid scooter into something you can drive over an app. Curbing electrical waste in cities across the country has not been welcomed by these communities, and right now hundreds of bird and lime scooters are in towing yards just waiting to be auctioned off to the highest bidder for anyone who wants to Turn a screwdriver and handle a soldering iron. For pennies on the dollar, you can buy dozens of these scooters, and you can have thousands of dollars in batteries and electronics when you come to the right auction. [humanbeing21

] He's preparing for the Bird Apocalypse on the Scootertalk Forums, and he's already converted some of these scooters into his personal transportation.

The subject of this conversion are scooters used by Bird, which in reality are Xiaomi MIJIA M365 scooters with a few additional electronic devices to connect to the Internet. The conversion kit for a bird scooter comes directly from China, costs $ 30 and is apparently a kind of plug-and-play offer. The hardest part is to find a screwdriver with the right safety bits, but again this is a problem that eBay is more than willing to solve.

[humanbeing21] is currently in contact with a smuggling operation that has well over a hundred Bird scooters on their property, each of which incurs daily storage fees. Since these scooters only cost about $ 400 new, we probably have not been in the time when it makes sense for Bird to pay for them to be out of stock. That means they'll probably go to an auction where anyone can pick them up for a hundred bucks.

Right now scootering is becoming one of the most interesting adventures in hacking today. They have batteries and electronics and motors that just sit there and are ready to go (and yes, through these auctions you can do so legally). We are looking at a future full of 18650-based powerwalls of electrocrackers and quadcopters built around scooter engines. This is Cyberpunk and we can not wait to see the other builds of these scooters.

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