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Life on Mars? Has the NASA Curiosity Rover photographed an alien UFO on Mars? | Science | news

The idea that Mars once harbored life has long fascinated us on Earth. Although many have claimed to have found evidence of life on Mars, we are still missing out on conclusive evidence. However, the formation of telescopes on the Red Planet is not enough, which is why the US space agency NASA has sent its Curiosity Rover to explore the seemingly barren Mars surface. And celebrity UFO hunter Scott C Waring believes he has found evidence of a crashed extraterrestrial UFO on Mars among the many photographs returned by Curiosity.

The eagle-eyed UFO expert unveiled his latest "discovery," an unusually shaped background NASA photo.

Mr Waring believes that this is the latest conclusive evidence of alien visits to Mars.

Mr. Waring wrote in his UFO Sightseeing Daily blog: In the last week's Curiosity Rover photos, Mars was crowned by a hill.

"The disk was half-visible and about 30 percent of it was buried beneath the surface of the hill."

"The estimated size of the UFO was about 40 feet across.

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Ruins in South America. [1

965] 9004] And Mr. Waring believes that the bottom half of the "space probe" is the most important evidence.

He said, "When did you ever see the base of a pyramid stand out?" No way.

"But you can see that the object landed in this place and was not built that way.

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" It looks like the rover is not driving in the direction of this object, but the Camera accidentally swept past him. "

" I really would like it. "Take the Rover to this hill and have a closer look at this ancient craft."

NASA seems to feel safer about discovering life on Mars.

The US Space Agency, however, is certainly no evidence for intelligent realizations expect life, past or present.

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Instead At best, NASA may hope to find signs of an extremely simple or unicellular life.

The Space Agency said, "Among our discoveries about Mars, the most prominent ones are the potential presence of liquid water on Mars, either in his or her own

"Water is the key because we find water almost everywhere on earth.

" Anybody who has had or has water left, one has to wonder if microscopic life forms could have formed on its surface. "

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