LOS ANGELES – It's easy to twist your eyes at this World Series match-up and dismiss it as the Big Market Behemoths battle, play these Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers Still only because they rank # 1 and # 3 in the payroll and enjoy resources beyond just about any other franchise.

But it's not just money that lifts these teams above everyone else. Two examples will be shown when Game 3 starts Friday night at Dodger Stadium.

Walker Buehler and Andrew Benintendi are not nine-figure free agents, such as JD Martinez and David Price, and no large international investments like Yasiel Puig or Hyun-Jin Ryu. They were rivals from the Southeastern European Conference, which flourished on the 2015 plan and were available to 23 other teams in Buehler's case before the Dodgers selected him.

Friday's Buehler Hill for Game 3, the Dodgers' best hope, will conquer a 2-0 World Series final. Benintendi, with four matches in Game 1 and a key walk and ballet-like hook in the left field in Game 2, may be halfway to a Series MVP trophy.


Such top-class jobs, barely three years away from college, testify not to the money of their teams, but to the culture and fortune of being drafted by clubs that are Although Not Perfect, But Trusting and Strengthening Their Scouting and Development

"Looking back now, I am very happy to have come to such an organization," said Buehler, 24, opposite USA TODAY Sports. "Before me, there were 23 good players, I know a lot of them personally, and part of the development did not happen, or the organization put them in a bad position or something."

"I was happy that the Dodgers chose me and I think they have made a good choice. But development is a big part of it. The design is a strange situation in which the higher you are, the worse team you are. There are not many badly run, really good teams. So, to settle down where I was, it's a springboard to where I am today. "

Fourteen of the 42 first-round tips of 2015 were made by the big leagues, with only Alex Bregman, Houston Astros No. 2, having more Wins Above Replacement (14.2) than Benintendi (7.0). and Buehler (3,3) produces half a dozen picks

before the Red Sox placed Benintendi in seventh place overall, the jury is on a considerable number of picks that came before the Dodgers chose Buehler at 24. [BuehlerandBenintendihadtheirwartslikeeveryleafletBuehlerhadagustyelbowinhisfirstyearatVanderbiltanddemandedTommyJohn'soperationteamssuspectedat5-10and170poundsBenintendihadarelativelysmallframeforacorner-fielderjustaproductiveseasoninArkansas

The fact that both clubs got involved in the right type was a triumph of trust, and, well

The Red Sox's Benintendi dossier reached high school when the Ge At the same time, John Pyle noticed his good athleticism and watched him playing basketball. Benintendi caught the eye of Chris Mears, a Red Sox Scout from Plains, at a Connie Mack tournament in Farmington, N.M.

Mears was assigned to the more fertile Southeast when Benintendi set out for Arkansas. A marginal obsession was hatched.

Following an injury-racking freshman season, Benintendi avoided the Summer Mallet Round and remained in Arkansas, gaining strength, sharpening his approach, and switching to another player for his sophomore year.

My freshman year, "says Benintendi," I hit the lead and would hit the ball in the other direction.

"The second year was when I said a lot:" Fuck it, I'm just going to hit the ball. "Since then, I am where I am."

He led the SEC on average runs and house runs, but with the Red Sox scoring unusually high after a 71-91 season, top management had to convince. [19659006] Mears says he is as impressed with Benintendi's quiet confidence as he is with the beautiful swing. He stated what Mike Rikard, who carried out his first draft as Scout Director of the Red Sox, called "a very aggressive report."

"It was an eye-opener," says Rikard, vice president of the scouts. And, moreover, he was a small player. "

It's all about continuity: Mears, Rikard and a group of Red Sox scouts have been in the organization for at least 11 years. They also survived a front-sweeping operation when the former GM Ben Cherington was later replaced in 2015.

When Mears wrote this aggressive report, Rikard knew where he came from. And finally, he went to Benjamin himself at a time when he had dropped out six times this season.

"I've seen four clubs," Rikard recalls, "and he beat three of them, my head spinning a bit, needless to say, after this game, I changed my flight very quickly and got stuck the next day. [19659006] "It was important for me not to be stubborn based on what I saw."

In the meantime, the club analyzed the major In the league player story, Benintendi's height and weight were improved and favorable results were found. which matched with Mears' comparison of Benintendi with a young Jacoby Ellsbury.

On draft day, Benintendi was No. 2 on the board of the Red Sox, just behind Bregman. [19659006] "We've been together for a long time," says Rikard. "Knowing yourself was a big part of our success. We have continuity and understand the subjectivity of each other.

Mears says, "There are a lot of really good things that I can see that are based on the trust we have in each other.

Around 3,000 miles across the country, a new Dodgers regime under the leadership of baseman Andrew Friedman and GM Farhan Zaidi had his first draft.

Zaidi says the Dodgers considered Buehler the top 10 talent – They were not alone there – but an uneven junior season and concerns over the right-handers' elbows scared many teams. "Zaidi says scouting director Billy Gasparino and assistant GM Josh Byrnes remained steadfast.

And picking at No. 24 ruled Even though Tommy John's surgery seemed imminent, the club decided to swing big on Buehler's top, and barely two months after Bühler's draft, the Dodgers announced he would need the procedure.

"We found it to be Talent was to wait one and a half years, "says Zaidi.

Just two years after this operation, Buehler was in the big leagues.

What happened between the surgery and the achievement of Chavez Ravine?

"We spend a lot of time with our players as part of the process, so they can self-assess and play the game in a way that emphasizes their own strengths," Zaidi says. "If you're a pitcher, it's really understanding what your best places are in which part of the scratch zone you should work in.

" The raw ingredients are always there – and then it's all about making sure they understand What makes her good. That sounds really easy, but it's sometimes a nuanced process.

"In this day and age, with all the information out there, able to use that and gain a better understanding of what works and what does not, is one of the main parts of the development process."

And what Perhaps different from Buehler, who still has one or two rungs away from the majors. He hit 163 battles in 146 2/3 innings this season and with a cocksure and fearless mentality, always keeps the ball in the biggest games of the Dodgers: the one-game playoff to the Colorado Rockies for the NL West title , Game 7 of the NLCS, where they defeated the Milwaukee Brewers, and now Friday's Game 3 to beat Save the Season.

The second batsman he encounters will be Benintendi, whom he says made college attractive and still highly esteemed for his abilities and vibe.

"He has an air for him, a confidence in him," says Buhler of Benintendi. "There are a lot of great people on the Red Sox, and he's one of those who are OK, the second fiddle because he's a really good player and really good guy, but he does not have to be a superstar."

He may not have a choice. Benintendi, 24, scored a .366 on-base percentage, paired 16 homeruns with 21 steals, earned gold finalist consideration, and made a game-saving catch in Game 4 of the AL Championship Series.

Two more wins, and He will be a World Series Champion, a happy ending when players and team find the perfect match.

"Throughout the process, the Red Sox have been of most interest to me, and thank God they did," he says. "I think I played pretty well in order to move fast, but it takes the right organization, the right people to push you through the organization, and …" (19659006) through the minors, pretty fast , And I was lucky enough to do that. "


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