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Like the obsession of Ally's beauty in "A Star Is Born", Lady Gaga's philosophy of self-acceptance undermines

Lady Gaga delivers an arrest performance in A Star Is Born partly because of her haunting, deep voice, which the fans already know well, and partly because her lesser-known talents as an actress blossomed. The film feels deeply intimate, not least because of the close-up of Gaga, who for most of the film almost no makeup. More than a medium to express her character's emotional journey, this face is also the subject of many debates in the film. In fact, the obsession with Ally's beauty in A Star Is Born is an aspect that the film does not treat as gracefully as it should.

The "star" in the title of the film refers to her character Ally, whose career turns almost overnight after playing one of her songs on stage with the scary country rock star Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper). At the beginning of the film, Jack discovers how Ally plays in full brake make-up ̵

1; thin, false eyebrows and all – in a drag bar. He then meets her in her dressing room, where he tells her to drop her makeup. In an interview with The Los Angeles Times Lady Gaga revealed that a similar scene had happened before her screening test for the 2016 film. She said that Cooper demanded that she perform "completely openly" and without "artificiality", that is, without make-up.

Later, the two talk about Ally's uncertainties about her appearance. She says that she felt particularly insecure about her nose, which prevented her from making her as a singer. Considering that Lady Gaga shared her own story with The Mirror about someone in the music industry who suggested that she get a nosy job before her first single came out, Ally's story is both realistic and valid. What happens next in the movie is also realistic: Jack tells Ally that Nose is beautiful, and that her face is generally pretty too. Lady Gaga said The LA Times : "If my character talks about how ugly she feels – that was real, I'm so insecure, I like to preach, but I do not always practice what I preach."

Since the beginning of Lady Gaga's career, the singer has been campaigning for self-acceptance. In 2011, the singer co-founded the Born This Way Foundation with Harvard University, which built an online community for young people to share experiences. In an interview with Glamor of 2013, Lady Gaga said she does not consider herself " Conventionally beautiful "looked. She added:

"If there was some sort of mathematical equation for beauty, I do not know if I was the algorithm, I always agreed, I'm not a supermodel, that's not what I do, what I do is Music: I want my fans to feel what I'm doing, to know what they have to offer is just as important, more important than what's happening out there. "

The way how Lady Gaga preaches acceptance is very different from the way that A Star Is Born ultimately does by pointing Jack, who assures Ally that she is beautiful. This seems to be Hollywood's typical message of "acceptance" when it comes to the appearance of a woman. It is also a failure of this year's comedy I feel pretty, in women who can not be conventionally attractive, assured that they are beautiful. Sure, beauty is subjective, but why do you have to consider the biggest prize a woman can win?

Later in A Star Is Born the couple fights while Ally lies naked in a bathtub Jack calls her "ugly" and Ally starts crying, but she does not cry In the same scene where Jack her She tells that she's out of stock by becoming a mega pop star, and she does not cry when he tells her she's not talented. It's the "ugly" comment that really comes to Ally, and that says a lot about the great cultural emphasis we put on women to live up to conventional beauty standards. But A Star Is Born lacks a real critique of such constraints.

Instead, the film goes on to exploit Ally's superficial uncertainties as the basis for the character's most vulnerable scenes, allowing the audience to continue believing that beauty is a valid target for women desperate to strive – and are not we beyond? Ironically, Lady Gaga herself is an artist whose success suggests that our society might come by as she strives to be what women look like. When Gaga's statements about ugly feelings are placed in the context of the artist's work, it becomes clear that the artist wants to express what it feels like to be and to be "ugly" .

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Fans call Gaga Mother Monster, and she calls her fans Little Monsters as if she wanted to show that it's grotesque and ugly not to settle down with something reassuring, that "you are beautiful" or "everyone is beautiful". Gaga has taken on ugliness like no other artist before, challenging conventional standards of beauty within the narrow boundaries that bind women to pop culture.

When Lady Gaga came to the MTV Video Music Awards 2010 in her notorious flesh The singer "Bad Romance" was not as keen to look as beautiful as she did when she made a statement. Gaga explained her shocking fashion choice on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and said, "It has many interpretations, but for me tonight it is [saying]," If we do not argue for what we believe in When we not fighting for our rights, we will soon have as much rights as the flesh on our bones.

By making her outrageous fads, be it at the VMAs or elsewhere, Gaga has proven that female artists or even women in public have the power to change the conversation of "how gorgeous does she look?" to "what does that mean ?" or "what is she trying to say?" and her videos can also speak with this narration: her 2009 music video for "Bad Romance" is riddled with weird distorted images of the pop star and other women, that may have scared you or made you shudder the first time, the pictures are not pretty by conventional standards, but they're weird and they're expressive.

Critics agree that is a star Is Born both a hit and one of the better versions of the story. (Three more versions came out in 1937, 1954, and 1976.) The story of a talented Generation, discovered by a self-destructive addict, can outlive time. But if Hollywood's existing narratives are constantly being reshaped and retold, the female leading ladies deserve to be treated more thoughtfully.

That's not to say that movies should not contain stories about women's insecurities about their appearance, because that's a real problem. Even the most successful women pose. But in 2018 one would not assure women that they are beautiful, no matter how, as Jack Ally assures in A Star Is Born but one that promises a woman that her appearance is not the most important Thing about them. Maybe movies can even begin to explore stories that celebrate the ugly and the grotesque, as Lady Gaga often does in her work. In 2018, women – including fictional women – should not be allowed to meet any conventional beauty standard.

In recent interviews, Lady Gaga has said that she sees Ally as a different version of herself, so it's unfair to hold the character to the actor's artistic standards , However, in her interview with The LA Times Gaga said she still cares most about the substance of her performance.

"To be honest, I think what makes me happy is when I see my fans happy," Gaga said. "When I see them or hear that the music I've done has changed their lives in some way, that's what makes me feel good, because that's just outward, you know, and at the end of the day It could be in a million movies and bring out a million songs and anyone could say, "She was so beautiful," but that's not really what I want, I want them to say, "I saw this movie and I cryed out my eyes I learned something about myself.

Although Hollywood continues to tell stories that suggest that women should accept their appearance and consider themselves beautiful, Lady Gaga serves as a performer reminding us that we do not have to look pretty.

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