The cynics will say that the warning signs were in the air for some time. The Optimists will look back on Michael Jordan's second run with the Chicago Bulls to convince himself that Lil Uzi Vert does not mean what he said.

As we reported last night, Lil Uzi Vert explained his intentions to erase all of his music from the user-based platforms and definitively challenge his career as a rapper. A wave of hardship (in social media) would follow soon.

What makes his sudden announcement all the more bitter for hardened fans is that Uzi was apparently only moments away from dropping the long-awaited Eternal Atake project. As the above video further explained, Uzi's production run was shaken by difficulties, in equal measure from pressure from above, pressure on his Diehards and even some hijinks of his own doing.

Following his statement some fans have even accused themselves. Although memes are usually over the top, the reaction of social media has generally been remorseful. If you do not want Uzi Vert to burn the entire bundle, vote YES. The Naysayers would be friendly if they silently went out while this riddle-riddle is sorting itself out. NEVER keep an eye out for a good promo stunt. Tweeters had the following to say.