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Lilly King's 200 chest DQ confirmed after lengthy protest and appeal


American Breast Star Lilly King was disqualified in the third run of the 200 Breasts on Thursday morning in Gwangju, and more than eight hours later, after she becomes the protest and appeal process Ruling officially upheld.

King She won the preliminary round, then turned to the scoreboard and reacted in shock when she saw the DQ. According to the Italian broadcast, she went to the official table to protest, and was turned away. King was apparently not named for her DQ when she asked about her race.

USA Swimming did not even know what it was for until about 30 minutes after the race, when it was said that King made a "non-simultaneous" touch "in her first corner.

At 45 minutes after the race, the results were officially "reviewed", and shortly thereafter USA Swimming made an official appeal. At this meeting, video playback will be used to review the DQs as needed. It is only possible to cancel calls to swimmers made by an official on deck, not DQs, and this happens immediately after the official's call has been forwarded: in some cases, even before the race is over.

According to a US swimming spokesman, this protest was denied. In this situation, a head of the USA team was able to appeal to the Appeals Jury in accordance with the FINA rules, which had already been done before the Thursday night session. Rules: The appeal goes to the entire FINA office. The 20-member Technical Committee makes a recommendation, and all Americans on the committee can speak but not vote. that is, FINA Vice President Dale Neuburger and Chairman of the Technical Committee Carol Zaleski can not vote. The jury's decision is final.

The case was called in 2009 when US Open Water Swimmer led Fran Crippen to disqualification and subsequent protest in the 10km race. This protest went to the appeal jury and eventually turned the DQ on its head and awarded him the bronze medal.

King held the No. 3 in the world on the way to the meeting at 2: 21.39 in May. The 22-year-old drove on Tuesday a world title in the 100-breast, where she is the world record holder and defending champion. American Micah Sumrall represents the US in the second semifinal after 2: 25.17 Thursday morning.

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