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List of bow releases of the year 2019

Whether you are learning archery as a profession or as a hobby, you need to know everything about it. Archery is a very thrilling sport which needs excellence if you take it as a profession. Moreover, it is not only about excellence in the sport but also about the equipment used in it. It comes with a crossbow, an arrow or a bow. If you are investing in this sport for the first time then we have all the reliable information and list of bow releases.

List of bow releases

Here is a list of best releases for the bow. Everyone is best so the choice is yours.


  • The spot hogg


This release from wise guy is best for shooters who want speed and precision. It is versatile and lightweight. It is equipped with the best trigger system and easy to use. The jaw can be loaded quickly unlike others. Length can also be adjusted easily and the shooter will not face struggle while attaching the hook as well.

  1. Trufire Edge

Less defects with greater results, Lefties, as well as righties, can use this as it has a rotatable head. Beginner and experts both can use this and it has a sensitive trigger.

  1. Hardcore buckle

This is adjustable, comfortable wrist strap, consistent, stellar performance and good for experts.

  1. SCOTT release

It has a quite solid anchor, excellent construction, easy adjustability of the trigger and easy to use.

  1. Hot Shot vapor 4

This lightweight, sleek designed, the trigger comes with plenty of settings.

Bows have evolved throughout history and now modern bows made of carbon fiber and fiberglass are used rather than those made of wood. We have covered all the important types of bows that exist.

Different types of bows

A simple bow is not good enough hence various styles are available. One should know which type is best for them. So, here is the list of all the basic types of available and later we will discuss the latest release of the year.

Recurve bows

As its name suggests, the bow has a curvy shape. The center is curved towards the archer whereas ends are away from their body. This type of bow is more powerful than other designs. The shooter doesn’t have to use much of his strength to use this bow. This is great for the beginner who has just started with archery. A novice can begin with a simple model and as they get skilled they can use advanced recurve bows. They are also the traditional bow.

Takedown bow

Takedown bow is easy to use and store as their shooter can take their limbs out. Moreover, they can upgrade them. This type of bow is made by using fiberglass. Alloy, wood, carbon or aluminum is used to make the riser of the bow. They are less expensive, easy to store and use. Dissembling the bow is also easy so that shooter can take it anywhere without much hassle. In case the bow gets break while dissembling or transportation then it is easy to get the broken part replaced. The replacement cost is also less. The shooter can also increase the weight once they get skilled and trained. Simply change the limbs to increase the weight.


Longbow is also a traditional bow and one of the oldest among all. It has been in use since 1928. You can see this bow in most of the movies that have a story back from 16th century. A long piece of wood is curved to make the bow. There is no arrow rest on the archer. Therefore, aiming using this bow is hard and requires lots of practice. It has less speed as well. Mastering this one is pretty challenging in contrast to others because of no arrow rests.

Compound bows

Compound bows are from the 1960s. They are made of carbon, aluminum, magnesium, fiberglass that makes it lightweight. These bows are accurate, efficient and good for holding heavy draw weights. It is due to the stiffer limbs they have. However, to operate them cams, cables and pulleys are used. A skilled archer can easily use the single-cam however beginner will not be able to use them easily.

Compound bows are available in different sizes; therefore, choosing one is going to be difficult. It is also available in different configurations and styles in the market. If you need this type of bow then check our list of bow releases in the next section.

Yumi bows

Kyudo, Japanese archery uses this type of bow. Samurai warriors were the one who used the yumi bows before the guns were introduced in old times. Wood and bamboo are used to make them and they are tall. Three different types of yumi bows are available- synthetic, standard authentic, and a lacquered bow. Fiberglass and carbon fiber is used to make a synthetic yumi bow. The common one that is still used today is the standard authentic yumi. However, the other two options are less expensive as the standard one.

Reflex bows

This short bow draws more weight and length for shooting and thus lots of pressure is required to shoot from it. It has greater stopping power as well as speed than recurve bow or longbow.


This bow has been in use since ancient times during wars. However, today they are popular for sports and hunting. It has a stock over which a horizontal limb is mounted to shoot the projectiles which are also known as bolts or quarrels. Bolts are not much in use as they should have proper weight consistency, and have several heads which can be used after inspection. This type has stronger strings made of fibers. They can even shoot bullets and rocks. However, they have a shorter length than a traditional bow. They have less power stroke whereas high draw weight. Latest crossbows are used often for hunting.

To use this bow efficiently one will need the best release which were described above.

Beginner, as well as an expert archer, can choose any of the bow releases for a different type of release mentioned above.