"This place is my life," said Slipknot co-founder and percussionist Shawn Crahan or Clown, as he is called on stage, when he announced that the band would be playing for the first time at the show next summer ,
Brian Powers,

This year's Halloween was delivered with a full-throttle dose of brutality grown in Iowa.

The macabre metals that did not contain Slipknot revealed this Week "All Out Life", the band's first release in four years, written by Slipknot co-founder and percussionist M. Sha wn "clown" Crahan accompanied.

See video below.

Slipknot front man Corey Tayl or discussed "All Out Life" with Zane Lowe in the Beats 1 of Apple Music and called the band's upcoming album "one of the darkest chapters in Slipknot's story"; That's how good it is.

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. The song delivers a double message, Taylor said in a press release, "Bring everyone together, but remind everyone that the past should not be rejected with contempt."

"People are so keen to find the Next Big Thing that they sometimes find everywhere The bands and artists that came before make the past seem usable. (Explant): Why should we count on yours? Watch out for a mediocre future if you can not celebrate an amazing past – listen to a guaranteed hit rather than a forced failure. "All Out Life" is the hymn that reminds people that it's not the date of the music – it's the Endurance. "

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