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Liteboxer is peloton, but for boxing

Of course, there is a subscription element to this peloton-of-boxing setup, which offers trainers-led workouts and a longer training program. This is faced by Leyon Azubuike, a former U.S. heavyweight kickboxer Eliza Shirazi and fitness trainer Emily Collins. If you are in a hurry, you can put some time into your day by training quickly while facing challenges against your peers.

Unfortunately, Liteboxer̵

7;s business model, like its competitors, is hardly accessible or affordable and is aimed directly at those who have buckets of available cash. With the Liteboxer device itself, you’ll get $ 1,495.00 back, plus a monthly subscription of $ 29 per month (after your three-month trial ends). On the other hand, this number is about the same as you would pay for a year of weekly boxing classes at a US gym. So if you are serious about fitness and feel like you use it more than once a week, it is likely to pay off.

Liteboxer can now be pre-ordered in the United States. Shipping is expected to start in August.

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