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Little League World Series: New Jerseys dream ends with a 1: 4 defeat to Louisiana

They come home.

Mid-Atlantic champion Elizabeth, New Jersey, Elmora Troopers was eliminated from the Little League World Series on Wednesday, August, due to a 1: 4 defeat to Southwest Champion River Edge, Louisiana 21, 2019 21.08.1919) at the Lamade Stadium in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

New Jersey had only one goal against Louisiana starter Egan Prather, who scored 10 and 5 1/3 innings. The Troopers made it in the sixth round on an infield error and triple by JR Rosado against the Reliever William Andrade.

Elmora finished Williamsport 2-2, beating Oregon and Rhode Island and losing to Hawaii and Louisiana.

"You have a whole city behind you," Manager Jairo Labrado told his players as they gathered on the field after the match. "Elizabeth, New Jersey."

"A whole state!" Cried one of the children.

"Yes, a whole state! The people of New Jersey! "Labrado said with a laugh. "You guys will always be successful.

"I'm proud that you always call me 'Coach,'" he said as he stifled. "There's 'Dad' and then 'Coach'."

New Jersey plays Thursday in a consolation game.

Louisiana moves into the loser class and plays on Thursday against an opponent yet to be determined.

See play-by-play on Wednesday's loss below.



Who: New Jersey Vs. Louisiana

What: Little League World Series, Losers Bracket

When: Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Where: Williamsport, PA.

Time: 11:00 Eastern


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Live Stream: Hulu, Sling

Starting Positions

New Jersey

6, Sal Garcia, SS

9, JR, Rosado, P [19659002] 35, Yadi Mateo, 1B

21, Jayden Capindica, CF

36, Derek Escobar, 3B

1, Justin Labrador, RF

2, Yamil Soto, 2B

18, Joel Sanchez, C

4, Josiah Sharpe, LF


10, Ryan Darrah, CF

22, Reece Roussel, RF

23 , Marshall Loque, 3B [19659002] 9, Conner Perrot, 1B

15, Gavin Berry, LF

7, Derek DeLatte, 2B

3, Ryder Planchard, C

24, Egan Prather, P

4, Stan Wiltz, SS [194559002] FIRST INNING

New Jersey: Louisiana launcher Egan Prather flips sideways.

0 heats, 0 results.

Louisiana: The umpire Marty Henry blows an obvious reputation as the leader Ryan Darrah tries it too colorful and is hit off the pitch. After the rule is a strike, but Henry forgives – despite checking the play – the first base. An infield hit by Reece Roussel takes the runners to first and third place. An undisputed stolen base puts Roussel in second place. Louisiana scores when Darrah is disabled in a rundown state. Two strikeouts finish the inning.

1 run, 1 hit

After an inning: Louisiana 1, New Jersey 0


New Jersey: Two flyouts and one strikeout killed New Jersey in the sequence.

0 Runs, 0 Hits

Louisiana: After A run, a singles match and a pitch hit load the bases, but the shortstop Sal ​​Garcia ends that Inning by a 6-3 double on a grounder.

0 runs, 1 hit [19659002] After two innings: Louisiana 1, New Jersey 0


New Jersey: Louisiana right-hander Egan Prather dominates. He pulls the team back to a grounder to meet first of Yamil Soto and excretions of Joel Sanchez and Josiah Sharpe. In his first round through the NJ cast, Prather beat six without allowing a runner.

0 runs, 0 hits

Louisiana: Now first-base referee Jason Corbett blows calls. Corbett has overturned two calls during playback. He calls Reece Roussel, but is sure in the inspection. Corbett then rules a double on a grounder, but the runner is first sure of two steps. A hit-by-pitch puts the runners in the first and second places. The runners follow in a wild field. After a slip-up, Yamil Soto handcuffs the second base player between the hips and scores a goal. Two more runs earn points when J. R. Rosado's pick-up attempt exceeds the third base for New Jersey's third mistake. A ride back to the hill ends the inning. Rosado shoots frustrated with the laser in the ground.

3 runs, 1 hits

After three innings: Louisiana 4, New Jersey 0 [19659002] FOURTH ENTRY

New Jersey: Rosado brings New Jersey's first goal in one fell swoop. New Jersey runs out of the inning as Mateo lies on the floor and Rosado is caught trying to sneak into third place.

0 runs, 1 hits

Louisiana: The Southwest Champion empties the bank and pinches the clubs in the correct order.

0 runs, 0 hits

After four innings: Louisiana 4, New Jersey 0


New Jersey: The Mid-Atlantic Champions make only a walk, then Jayden Capindica stranded on two strikeouts and a line drive

0 runs, 0 hits

Louisiana : Three up, down three, on a grounder and two strikeouts.


New Jersey: In their last breath, New Jersey scored a run against William Andrade on Sal Garcia's RBI Triple.

1 run, 1 hit

Finale: Louisiana 4, New Jersey 1

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