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Live coverage of Jay Lethal vs. Matt Taven for world title The Briscoes vs. Villain Enterprises in the street fight for the tag title –

MARCH 15, 2019

Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman, Nick Aldis

Ian Riccaboni welcomed us on the show. Colt Cabana is in Japan for the New Japan Cup, instead he was assisted by Caprice Coleman and NWA heavyweight world champion Nick Aldis. Aldis had kept his servant chamomile ready.

Hometown paragraph Kenny King first entered. He had a man in a white rogue outfit banging his arms. Scurll had a new red and black coat with spikes.



Scurll sent King to the ground and knocked him down. Then he followed with a super kick from the apron to Kingside Sidekick. King hit a blockbuster from the top rope for the first two counters of the night at 1:30. King kept control and slowed things down. He hit Scurll off the top rope with a jumping enziguiri and hit the ground. Scurll avoided a corkscrew plancha and brought King out of the apron with a DDT tornado. King with a Spinebuster at 9:00. Superplex by Scurll. Royal Flush of King, but Scurll rolled under the rope and to the ground before King could cover it. King grabbed a steel chair and brought it into the ring. Referee Paul Turner grabbed it and pulled it away. As he shocked the chair, Scurll King thrust his umbrella over and covered him.

WINNER: Marty Scurll at 12:42.

(Pageot's Perspective: That felt like more than 12 minutes in The beginning was very slow and the hot start of the show immediately went on a cruise, and Scurll won the victory by giving King an idea of ​​his own medicine Although this is a good poetry, it did not make Scurll just as great a world champion of the next time. )


They acted with blows. Cobb caught him with a suplex. They crash into each other like bulls. Cobb jumped over Taylor and hit him with a dropkick. Taylor responded with a jump that made Cobb fly. Cobb sent Taylor down. Taylor pushed Cobb off the apron and speared him on the ring. Cobb avoided a cannonball in the corner. Delayed Pumphandle Suplex by Cobb. Taylor got confused when he was held in the air like a baby. Taylor with a high knee. Superkick by Cobb, knockout punch by Taylor, lariat by Cobb. Cobb continued through Taylor and the ropes to the floor. Both men were down. They were trading at 8:00 am with their right hands in the ring. Jump from Cobb. Cobb threw Taylor off the second rope. Standing Moonsault "This is great" song. Headbutt of Taylor and a throw. Second rope spraying for another near miss. German Suplex by Cobb with a bridge for two counters. Inside Out Clothesline by Taylor. Canadian destroyer from Taylor for a near-fall. The fans and commentators lost their minds. "Holy shit" chant. Taylor pulled his right knee cushion down. Cobb's Tour Of The Islands, but Taylor shrugged, refusing to stay down. A second tour was enough.

WINNER: Jeff Cobb at 1:28 pm to keep the TV title.

(Pageots Perspective: Fantastic Game Both guys looked good and should bet on bigger things from here Match was exactly one second shorter than Cobb-Page at Final Battle, not quite so long Cobbs last defense against Silas Young and Rocky Romero .)


Klein immediately patted her on the mat. Iwatani rolled to the ground. Small with a tie and a row of knees in the face. She pushed Iwatani into the turnbuckles. Back elbow of Klein. Slingblade of Iwatani. Northern Lights Suplex. Second rope tamped twice. They dealt with strikes. Klein threw Iwatani to the ground. German suplex of Iwatani. Klein answered with one of them dropping Iwatani on the back of his head. Top Rope Moonsault from Iwatani. She somehow missed the second, and Klein brought his knees up. Klein's K-Power, but Iwatani responded with a shallow response. Klein talked to the trash and was caught with an inner cradle.

WINNER: Mayu Iwatani in 8:52 to retain the WOH title.

(Pageots perspective: Hm.) The match was good, too big on the track But too short for that. I am amazed that neither Camp Klein nor Sakai intervened and the target was boring. It protects Klein, of course, but it will not do anything or defend it for Iwatani at Madison Square Garden I'm very glad that Iwatani is still champion, but outside the world of Women Of Honor there is little excitement.)

– The music The kingdom battled for a tag match, but Matt Taven went solo to the ring. He said he could not sit behind the scenes for another minute. "They suck" singing. He called Jay Lethal and said he wanted her match on the spot. Lethal answered the call. Bobby Cruise treated the ring launches. They beat and Todd Sinclair shouted for the bell.


Letal broke Taven. Fed with a suplex. Deadly with a clothesline. Hiptoss, cartwheel, dropkick from Lethal. Dragon Tail whip from Lethal at 6:30. They blocked each other's last moves and Taven kicked him with a kick. Deadly with a dropkick at 10:00. Backbreaker Even more chops. Taven with a dropkick. Powerslam from Lethal. Shamrock in a surfboard. Taven knocked over Lethal and pinched his knee. Lethal pushed him back to the ground and Taven went down hard. Suicide Diving He pulled Taven around the ring and struck for a second. Lethal finally hit his third suicide dive to complete the sequence. Taven was on the ground for a while, but Sinclair made no move to count it out. Lethal continued aiming at Taven's knee at 20:00. Chained with an eye hook, the Sinclair misses. DDT. Taven went after Lethal's shoulder. Cross Face. They talked garbage. Taven remained under control at 25:00. Lethal avoided a try with a frog splash and struck his deadly combination.

Lethal called for hail to the king. Taven interrupted him. Lethal struggled from a Superplex attempt. The red balloons appeared. Vinny Marseglia jumped into the ring and hit Lethal with his ax, while a forgetful Sinclair chatted casually with TK O & # 39; Ryan on the apron. Jonathan Gresham appeared and fought with the thugs, but was overwhelmed. Marseglia put Gresham on the guardrail and O & # Ryan punched his knee with a steel chair. The cameramen completely ignored the active wrestlers in the match and stayed on the ring at 30:00. The henchmen set up a table on the floor. Sinclair continued to observe the ring procedures and not the wrestlers in the world title. Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams ran out with chairs to chase the idiots.

High-ranking ROH referee Todd Sinclair continued to watch the Shenanigans and ignored the two wrestlers in the match. Taven Low blew Lethal and hit the climax. Lethal graciously resigned. Taven searched for a second. Deadly blocked. Taven hit a rolling neckbreaker. Top jump-rope, but lethal stepped out again. I had another frog splash, but Lethal pulled up his knees. Cutter of Lethal. Torture rack. Death Valley riders are running. Hail To The King countered into a crucifix needle. Lethal stepped out and turned into a four. Although Lethal had been aiming for 36 minutes on his knee, Taven was able to hold one of the most painful submissive moves in wrestling for five minutes without knocking. He finally made a rope break. Lethal stamped on his knee. Lethal tried to supple Taven from the apron into the ring, but Taven countered to a hawk arrow that sent Lethal around the table at 40:00.

Sinclair counted Lethal out of the wreckage. Taven pulled Lethal back into the ring. Lethal thrown out Taven sat on Lethal's upper rope and hit him five times in the head. Backpack stunner, but Lethal rolled out of a needle. Back body waste from taven. Deadly hits for tavens with a climax. Taven stepped out of his own last move. Taven shook his finger. Only the tip (of Lethal's knee) lethal injection! Taven rushed to the loudest reaction of the night. Pein? Relief? Exhaustion?

Dueling songs from the crowd. Deadly with a router on the apron. Another tailor on the floor. Lethal pulled out a table under the ring and set it on the floor. He hacked Taven on the table. Lethal climbed to the top rope, but Taven stopped him. DDT to Letal on the apron. Taven found a ladder at 50 o'clock under the ring. He laid the ladder as a bridge between the apron and the table. Lethal Dropkick Taven into a position that is above the ladder. Lethal was looking for hail to the king, but Taven moved and Lethal fell on the ladder.

Sinclair looked at Lethal for a few minutes instead of counting him. Medics came to help Lethal back. Taven jumped over the top rope to all three men. Cutter. Just the top. Lethal thrown out A second knee of Taven. One third. A quarter. Lethal was unconscious. Taven spat in his face. A fifth knee. Lethal resigned. Taven Frog splashed into a router. Taven kicked out "This is great" song. They threw their hands from a kneeling position. Enziguiri of Lethal. Three superkicks. Lethal injection !! Taven resigned in a very credible case. Angry. The bell rang at 60:00.

WINNER: Timeout at 60:00. Jay Lethal retains the world title.

– Bobby Cruise ran to Sinclair's decision. They confirmed the draw. "Five more minutes" from the crowd. Aldis wondered what that meant to Madison Square Garden. Marty Scurll went out in street clothes. He held the ROH World Championship title with Lethal and Taven on the mat. Scurll threw his belt over his shoulder and left. Taven and Lethal tried to stop him but could not leave the mat. As soon as Scurll left, the two finally reached their feet and looked away. Taven threw a streamer in Lethal's face and left.

(Pageots Perspective: Where to start?) This game, which is going on so early, has produced many red flags. A non-goal came to my mind, but I thought something uncomplicated like The Kingdom was thrown out of the match. Nobody predicted a sixty-minute competition. Some of them were just okay, some were very anxious like the continuation of the story of Todd Sinclair, who is the worst referee in wrestling, and some were really honest. The crowd was in the last twenty minutes, of course they have no time limit before Time mentioned and there was no time limit outside a test match in (years), so the arbitrary The end raises many problems: Sinclairs classification with glitches, tables and ladders, but 60 minutes is just too long! Why? We still have an hour to use the pay-per-view feeds to explain why Gresham-Young a The Kingdom of Life blood is not on schedule. Overall, this was a bold, unexpected approach. At MSG we obviously have a threefold threat.) -Riccaboni introduced the musician Mega Ran, who composed an original song called "Going To The Garden" in honor of G1 Supercard . He and his entourage distributed merchandise to the fans. He hit the ring, encouraged the fans to clap along, and performed his song. Bully Ray halfway through and threw a chair in the ring. He demanded that they turn off the music. He thinks rap music is shit and they suck. Ray made a pretty cheesy promo and made fun of his name and video games. He chased her out of the ring. He pulled onto the crowd for a while and brought up Flip Gordon. He insisted he never said "I quit" in their fight for Final Battle . Ray presented an open challenge for a street fight in New York City for anyone wrestling in Madison Square Garden.

-Dalton Castle joined the commentary instead of Nick Aldis. The boys were behind him.


For the first few minutes they were even. Bandido sent Rush to the ground with a pair of scissors. He searched for a second from the apron, but Rush took him through the timekeeper's table at 2:30. This was apparently worth no disqualification. Rush hit a dropkick in the ring and turned the Tranquilo pose into mixed breasts. He followed Bandido's mask and threw it over the ring. He was looking for a dropkick on Bandido in the corner, but Bandido was moving. Rush continued to work restlessly on Bandido. Canadian destroyer. With a deadlift of Bandido from the apron into a suplex from the second turnbuckle. Rush sat down on the middle rope and hung himself for a ridiculously long time on the upper rope, so that Bandido could run around the ring, jump on the upper rope and finally hit a 450 on him. Bandido jumped into a dropkick. Rush laid the ropes on the floor. Bandido with a hurricanra from the apron. Bandido with a go to sleep variation. Hurry with a suplex in the corner. Rush stomped him into the corner and struck with a running dropkick victory.

WINNER: Rush in 15:04.

-Castle seemed to suggest that Rush's heel-mannerisms inspired him. Castle entered the ring and looked at Rush. He called him a mountain of flesh and set Rush undefeated (though this was only his third match). Castle challenged him to a match at Madison Square Garden. Rush asked who he was and said he did not care. He seemed to accept.

(Pageot's perspective: Others may feel different, but I'm still so exhausted from the World Championship title that it was difficult to enter even with the musical buffer segment.) When the night was still young and everyone was fuller Power was, it should have lasted two or three. Both showed their own style, but Rush's Tweener Act in ROH messes things up. The fans were not sure if they should cheer on the guy who was wrong about the kingdom or boo him for being arrogant. The ending felt too flat from the last match. We just saw Lethal and Taven come out of tens of millions of massive moves, so Bandido pulled the needle weak after a drop kick. Rush Vs. Castle? This would have been a really exciting announcement if ROH had not only spent two months burying Castle and letting him get stuck by everyone.)

-Riccaboni confirmed that Gresham-Young will not pass due to Greshams k nee and Kingdom-Lifeblood are out because the kingdom leaves the building after the deadline. Silas Young joined the comment instead of Castle.


Both teams went down and hurled some steel chairs into the ring. They were fenced in with the chairs, the Briscoes came out at the top. The clock struck midnight EST. Mark held up a chair so Jay could kick PCO's face. Mark ran PCO into the ring post. King's broken left hand was in a cast. Jay slammed a chair over his back. King with a step-up crossbody to Jay. Mark the nose of PCO. PCO hit a Pileriver, who put him and Mark through a table on the floor. King hacked PCO and hit him in the corner on Jay. King followed with a cannonball. King slammed a chair into a second chair that was wedged between Jay's legs. Mark the PCO back with a kendo stick. Mark threw his neck over the guardrail first. Mark the center of the king with a chair. Mark put a table in the ring and put it in a corner. King drove Jay headfirst into a chair and handed Mark a running Death Valley driver. King with a few chair strokes to the brothers. Jay was bleeding from his forehead. PCO found a broken table and hit Jay on the head. Jay blew himself up on the bad guys with the kendo stick. Jay accidentally hit Mark with the kendo stick. King turned around with the stick. The Briscoes have glued PCO on the edge of the apron. He took another on the driveway. Jay was bleeding like a broken lawn sprinkler. Two more tables were placed side by side on the ring. Mark hit a blockbuster from top rope to King on the apron, both of which led through the tables. Jay Driller to King. King stepped out of what was once the most protected train in ROH.

The Briscoes allied themselves with kendo blows for King. He asked for more. PCO took some shots directly on the head and did not sell them. He broke the sticks over his knee and dressed both. PCO was now bleeding too. The Briscoes stifled PCO with pieces of broken Kendo sticks. PCO seemed to cough up blood. Mark has found another table. King pushed Jay on the apron. He flung Mark off the top rope and across the table onto a stack of chairs on the floor. Jay with a deep punch against King. He was looking for a Jay Driller from the apron and through the table. King countered into his own pileriver, but they just hit the table and fell down without the table breaking. King shot with a chair on Jay's back. He put a chair on Jay's chest so PCO could hit a top Moonsault on top.

WINNERS: Villain Enterprises in 19:42 to capture the tag titles.

– The show was approved after 3 hours and 20 minutes. 19659004] (Pageot's Perspective: Sure, if you like it, when people get together with things and collide with Zero Story tables, then this is for you.) Maybe we did not have Big Weapon Places At the beginning of the show and a three-way fight with the Briscoes in the main event of our last pay-per-view situation, this would have turned out to be better, both teams did the best they could in the circumstances, but also in street fighting Standards seemed pretty normal: steel chairs, folding tables, kendo sticks, nothing special or new.

The exit from the show was to be the rise of Villain Enterprises with the victory here and the winning of Scurll's theft of the World Cup title I'm just not sure what kind of and efeated Villain Enterprises holds the tag titles for the entire division, and it's unclear what that means for the announced Briscoes vs. GOD The title and the phone match in Madison Square Garden. With the G1 Supercard three weeks ago, I thought we'd rely on more answers to what that card would look like. I can not say that Bully Ray was my target against someone in a street fight and Dalton Castle against Rush, even though Cobb-Ospreay should be great. Much to digest here. We'll be talking on Wednesday.)

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